Friday, September 14, 2018

fox13 the place- 2018 fall makeup trends

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Monday, September 3, 2018

fox13 the place- september is childhood cancer awareness month, mini-makeover for one very deserving cancer mama

i chose to do this week's segment based around bringing awareness to childhood cancer.
september is childhood cancer awareness month. 
i watched my close friends brady and amanda flamm go through the battle with their little girl, Amelia "millie" flamm, for 3 1/2 years.
sadly millie did not make it.
through millie's strength and her will to fight, the millie princess foundation was founded and her legacy lives on.
it is very important to me that these kids have a voice because they do not get enough funding for research to end this terrible disease.
cancer is the number 1 disease killer of children each year.
my heart go out to the kids and to their families.
more so the moms, being a mom myself, i can imagine the emotional strain each day would bring.
i just wanted to bring a smile to a cancer mama's face and to also bring awareness.
through the millie princess foundation i was able to get in contact with chrissy and mike craven, who's 5yr old son is currently battling cancer.
with the help of some amazing donors (listed and linked below) we were able to do just that.
this will forever go down as one of my favorite segments.

link to segment
(when available)

a little bit about the cravens and their amazing little boy who is battling cancer:

"Wyatt was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in April of 2018. AML in children has about a 50% five-year survival rate. Wyatt hasn't responded to chemo so far. Wyatt is currently undergoing a very harsh, 15 day long round of 4 chemos called 'TVTC' in hopes to bring his leukemia down low enough to go to transplant. Because his cancer is so aggressive, he will be under going a Bone Marrow Transplant later this month. His 8 year-old, older brother Colton is Wyatt's "Marrow Match" and is excited to help save his brother, even though he knows it may hurt."

Things I wish people knew:
Childhood cancer isn't necessarily rare. 1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with a form of cancer before their 18th birthday.
Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children.
Childhood cancer research is currently only getting 4% of the government's allotted cancer research budget.
It can happen to anyone's child

to donate to Wyatt:


a very special thank you to our gift basket sponsors:

Friday, August 24, 2018

fox 13 the place- beauty tips for carpool moms (moms on the go)

aren't those pictures above the way we all aspire to look while driving our kid's carpool?
instead, sometimes it can very much feel and look like this...

there is truly no worse feeling than running late for carpool with crusty eyes and oily hair, just to run into everyone you know.
all because you didn't have time to wipe your own face, let alone run a brush through your hair cause you were busy making sure your kids had on clean(ish) clothes and brushed teeth.

it's ok.

you're doing amazing, you're killing the mom game, don't ever second guess yourself. 
your little humans are alive because of you.
but, that doesn't mean you can't
 "fake it, til you make it" 
in the sculpted-put-together-mom-look-department.

I know what you're saying, "but, muchacha, I just don't have time!!"
well let me help you, let me give you some advice on what you can do, for both your hair and makeup (this gunna improve your overall mood cause you gunna look fly as hell), when you are running around with your head chopped off aka running late for carpool.

1. ok so you really didn't have time to hit your under eyes with concealer cause you had to change ava's whole outfit thanks to a potty accident. well you have no excuse for this one-
hide those bags with sunglasses! yes, I know you already know, but I am talking about shades with light lenses!! ones that if you have to run little ava into the school you can still rock with out looking like you have a massive hangover. and if you do have a massive hangover, good for you cause these will help you too! haha

2. so back to the concealer cause now you do have a quick sec to spot treat your eye bags and your rudolf the redness nose. the trick is to choose a concealer with a brightening effect in it. one that will give your bags and any blemish or redness, the boot.

3. "are you sick today?" jessica asks as she leans her perfectly toned arm against your half rolled down window (you didn't even wanna roll down the window in the first place) "nope, just a shade of pale again. that's all, thanks so much for asking.." as you roll up the window with her elbow still partially in your car.
instead jessica will be asking you what your secret is cause you always look so refreshed and your cheeks healthily rouged.
it will be all thanks to an all over face duo featuring a beautiful bronzing side and a soft blush that will bring your "dead tired" face to life. pair this with a quick refreshing sprits of a rose water facial spray and your will never get asked "are sick today?" again.

4. so did you just get stranded in the sahara or are your lips that dry alllll the time?
keep hydrated, it's so hard to keep up your water intake up like you used to but, it will truly help not only your lips but your epidermis as a whole. so chug-chug-chug that water (like you used to chug those beers in college to impress jake wellington) and I'm not talking about diet coke, hate me all you want or skip this part but, that stuff will dry you out!! so fill up a corkcicle or walmart knock off and keep drinking your h2o throughout the day. other than that, let's use your cream blush on your lips from your blush and bronzer duo and follow with a gloss. doesn't matter the color of your gloss, just swipe some on cause you will instantly look 7points hotter. yes 7!
cause who doesn't look 7points hotter with glossy lips?!

5. lets talk hair for a sec, yes you could pop on the usual baseball cap but, let's think bigger. let's bring back the scarf, there are soooo many ways to tie a head scarf that there will be a way right for you. yes, you! so go try it and rock that scarf like no other!

6. when your hair is looking greasier than the quesadilla you ate last night you need to use some dry shampoo. this is where you will definitely be faking it til you -washin'- it. let's use one that is geared for post workouts, cause for reals, driving carpool and getting your kids ready isssss a work out. also, if you know you won't have time in the a.m spritz it on your hair before you go to bed. see, no excuses for oily head syndrome.

7. let's talk mom uniform.
i am guilty of rockin' the gym attire all day look, when in fact i'm not even thinking of the gym.
thing is I chose pieces and abroad that is complimentary to my style. pieces from nafas activewear clothing line are my go-to's, cause why? cause they bomb! (do people say that still?!) anywho, take a look for yourself..

I did the hair and makeup for this shoot, maybe this is why i'm partial but, honestly such cute stuff!!

go to the website cause obviously i saved some low quality pics lol (face palm)

seee, that wasn't too bad right?!
now it's your turn, let's make it a goal to try one or all of these tips!!
lmk how it goes- you hot put together mom, you!!

if you have any other tricks and tips for busy moms on the go, please share, cause sharing is caring!!

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