Tuesday, May 22, 2018

cherry coke kisses

pic credz: ali kunz
edit: me
on mahh bodayy:
red wide leg tie pant- similar here
long sleeve grey crop top- similar here
gucci dark navy crossbody patent leather chain bag- old
on rox:
fuzzy knit striped tee- here
grey jeans- gap kids
toddler girls pic vans- similar here

little boo, she is killing me lately. 
she has been doing the funniest little lip curl everrrrytime we tell her to smile. guess we will just look back and laugh at this cute little phase. ohhhh-rox, you are as sweet as cherry coke.


Monday, May 14, 2018

my buddy

pic credz: ali kunz
edit: me
on mahh bodayy:
sheer leopard print top- old similar here
maxi dress- old 
banjara bag- similar here
miu miu ankle wrap platform shoes- similar here
on rox:
pink long sleeve top- target
stripped jumper- amazon
tan booties- amazon
necklace- pachamama bohemian

for so many years i dreamt of my mini saying "happy Mother's Day, mama"
i don't take one second with my little buddy for granted and my heart hurts for all the mamas out there who are struggling and who have had loss. you are incredible, don't ever stop trying, you are all so very strong and you are not alone. sending all my mama friends and mama at heart friends all my love.


Friday, May 11, 2018

keep the car running..

pic credz: ali kunz
edit: me
on mahh bodayy:
pants- forever21
sunnies- forever21
earrings- pom earrings made by muchacha, dm for orders
bag- ysl, limited edition nordstrom
shoes: miu miu platform ankle tie similar here

I feel like this outfit is v female fear and loathing in lv with a latin flare, which i think i gravitate towards almost 89% of my days. lol
but we happy cause it's


bb frida (late cinco de mayo post)

pic credz: ali kunz
edit: me
on rox:
 elena of avelor dress (gift)
find similar on amazon

i just jumped on to do today's post and realized i forgot to post Rox' cinco de mayo shoot.
all the hearts eyes!
she is the cutest little seƱorita, how could i not share all the pics?!


Friday, May 4, 2018

may the 4th be with you

pic credz: ali kunz
edit: me
on rox:
star wars tee- target current season, diy thrifted cut off shorts, 
toddler vans, headband-forever 21, sunglasses-forever21
on math bodayyy:
pom earrings- made by me(muchacha mary), sunglasses-forever21, tee shirt-walmart,
vans, jeans-forever21, shaggy cardi- nordstrom (old)

"compassion, which i would define as unconditional love, is essential to a jedi's life.
so you might say that we are encouraged to love."

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

kutv ch.2 fresh living- fake and bake, self tanner 101

 back at it with these babes, the most gorgeous hosts and my sunless tanning hot models.
my models:
sarah steele, creator of punk fit and ginger williams, amazing interior designer

my friends, it has been a minute since i have done a blog post! in the last couple years i have done welllll over a handful of appearances on fresh living but have never gotten around to posting the products etc. i am so embarrassed but at the same time.. finding the time with a now 3yr old has been the why. i know i only have one child but, if you have been following my story for awhile, you know it took us so long to get her here and honestly i spend my time soaking her allllll in :) 
i feel like i am in a great place to come back, i want to start posting more on here and hope you continue to stick around for the journey.

with that said, let's talk-
sunless tanners, my friends!

let me start out by saying, not all sunless tanners are created equal.
i wish i could pick out one for each one of you reading this, or the two people reading this (hi, mom-hi, nat) lol but to tell you the truth, sunless tanner is one of those products that you have to trial and error for yourself to find the product that is right for you. what i can do is help make the process a little easier with telling you how to prep for a sunless tan, what to do if you make a mistake (hello orange palms) and a little bit about some favorite products of mine and ones from my friends and followers on instagram.

here is a link to the segment:

*have to feed the kid-will post the products later tonight
please stay tuned :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

kutv ch.2 morning news- new years eve looks with poppy and dot

happy new years eve eve, amigos!!!!
p.s kari hawker-diaz equals the hottest lil reporter ever!

cause who doesn't party at 7 in the morning, riiiiight!!?

when you wrap an ahhsome segment..i have no fun with this chic, she is seriously one of my fav people!

..and she has the best style!

"mane" check

alrighty, let's talk new years eve makeup!! 
specifically the looks that i focused on for today's live news segment..

this is my hottie blondie exotic model, alexis.

i did a glittery smokey eye and paired it with a sexy muted matte pink lip.

when working with glitter or any kind of loose pigment you have to be careful not to get it all over your face.

a trick i showcased was to use a piece of clear tape and place it diagonally and as close to the eye as possible, where you would like your eyeshadow to end. Also, when working with loose glitter you have to prep the eye lid with a creamy eyeshadow so that the glitter has something to stick on to. 
i used a deep bronze color.

when you use the tape method, it catches any loose shadow/glitter and when you lift up to peel it off you have a perfect straight line.

on my next gorgeous model, nadya, i focused more on a vibrant lip paired with a taupe smokey eye.
i used a liquid matte lipstick, that way it will last all night because it dries matte and does not transfer. perfect for your new years make-out seshhh hehe.

make sure to exfoliate your lips first and follow with a really good lip primer, like this one from becca cosmetics.

here are some fun examples of some sexy pouts..
have fun with your lip color, if there is any one night to be bold and daring with your look, besides halloween, it's new years!!

this urban decay by gwen stefani pallet is ahhmazing and so are these stila liquid matte lippies.

how prefect are these sequined pants tho?!!!
this whole outfit can be found over at poppy and dot

along with these fahhbulous tie up heels, check 'em out now here!

but how sexy is this little glittery red number?!! it's sexy with out being to slutty, you feel me?!!
check it out also, over at poppy and dot

my dress and boots are from h&m
and kari's skirt is from forever21

sooo..what are my plans for the next next 5years?
well, i have no idea because i don't have 2020 vision!!

i could only use that joke for another 2days, i had to do it!!

but really, i just want to say thank you to you all for your support and your love over the past years.
it means the worrrrld to me, i hope i can continue to inspire and make you all laugh well into the new year. i wish you all a fahhhhbulous new years, be safe!! also, the hell with resolutions..just take each day as it comes and enjoy every second of being you.. because YOU are amazing and you can change the world with just your presence..

peace, love and happy vibies to you all.