Sunday, August 19, 2012

bday weeeekend!!!

pics from our first yr celebrating together in 2003
pre-bday dinner@high west distillery, park city ut
moe got the bison burger and frites and i got the chicken schnitzel with baby carrots and spinich  
bday morning surprises&presents
 bday suite for my sweet, fun times with our families

my two dad's (moe's dad&my dad)
first time being this close to an owl
dang good dogs, his and hers
 flash back to 2003 yo!! yes, morgan started dating me when i was 15!! haha.. jk. i'm not as old as i look, or was that as young as i look? well what ever it is i will always be 23! bahaha.. so those pics are from the first year we started dating, which in february 2013 will be 10years!! 10 freaking years! that's so crazy to me, time sure does fly by! we have been through some awesome happy times and some for better lack of wording straight up sh*tty times. i'm not gonna lie and say it has been magical the whole time because anyone who has been in a long term relationship who says that is blowing smoke up your a$$! don't let that scare you though because although they can be a lot of work they are also very rewarding, is amazing tho see where life has take'n us and how much we have achieved together :)
so any who... moe's bday weekend went off with out a hitch!! it turned out even better than what i had planned:) i was a little pissy because we had originally planned a bday friend bbq on sat, his birthday, but the majority of all his buddies had other plans. so we rescheduled his bbq for next sat instead, which worked out waaay better because moe's dad surprised us with bees (utah minor baseball league that farms for the l.a angels) suite tickets!! it was the second to last home game for the bees so they had this massive firework display, it was like the whole stadium was celebrating morgan's birthday!! ohhh and sometime around the 5th inning we went to go get some chicago dogs and there was some random guy standing around with an owl?! so of course i had to get a pic with the owl, i'd never been that close to an owl before! those birds are huuuge!!! i felt like it could tear my face off like if it ate bath salts- good thing they hate bath salts, i asked. under that smile i have i'm actually whispering to it "holy f#*k, don't peck my eyes out please mr.owl head!" i now have mad respect for owls i will continue to admire them from a far. it was definitely a happy birthday weekend for my babe and i wish to him that all his dreams and wishes come true this year! and to all the leos/aug bdays out there- happy birthday to you too!!


  1. that owl is bad assery! & I have been with my mr for 10 years married & extra dating :) its not all sunshine & rainbows either...but the good times are OH SO GOOD! ha! I love the people that lie & say they never fight & never are mad at each other, blah, blah, blah...that usually means someone is getting it elsewhere :) loving your blog & your realistic outlook on life!

    1. wowowow girl, ten years!!! high freaking five to you my friend!! you are right, it's not always roses and unicorn farts, a lot of times it's straight sh*t! but it's totally worth it ;) thanks for the love! xM