Friday, August 17, 2012

endless mind chatter..

(hat:urban outfitters, top:vintage plus size, high waisted denim cutoffs:d.i.y thrifted, cowboy boots:thrifted, bangle slinky bracelet:f21)

it's friday, of course i've got endless mind chatter on the brain. mostly because tomorrow is my husband's birthday and i'm still trying to figure out what the heck to get him. he hates shopping for clothes, so part of my wife duty is to pick out his wardrobe and he either "yays" it if he likes it or "nays" it if he doesn't. i don't mind because i also style for a living and that way i can pick out what i want him to wear, hehe. but there are certain things i cannot go out and buy for him like anything golf related, tool related, car related or anything else that belongs in the garage related. annnnd i am fine with that cause all that pretty much bores me to death. so back to what i want to get moe (the hubby) i already got him the basics: clothes, a watch, briefs, socks, cologne, shoes and a new trimer. but i feel like those are all expected.. i need to get him something amazing, something crazy, something wild, something rough and naked!! so i thought a gift certificate to go horse back riding up in park city will fit the bill!! lol.. i was gonna take that to another place, my fifty shades of grey place, but i will keep that for the mind chatter going on in my head. but maybe if he's good tomorrow i will surprise him with a giant butt plug!! bahaha jk, he would die!!.. so here's to a weekend of birthday fun for my love! we are off to his pre-birthday dinner at the high west distillery in park city:)

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