Monday, August 27, 2012

got bob on my boobs..err..mind!

diy cut off bob marley tee:target, geometric brass necklace:f21, skirt:tj maxx,  leopard calf hair stiletto booties:guess
walking into the overstock warehouse where we shoot online product is always interesting. you have to walk past a large section of customer service agents, who are all dressed for over the phone conversations. needless to say they aren't all did up or really with "it" when it comes to fashion. you should see the crusty looks i get walking through there, specially dressed like this(above) boss/lady/friend maggie knows what i am talking about cause she has to do that walk everyday and she is like a walking j. crew ad, always looking phenomenal. i love her, not only cause we both consider leopard our favorite color but cause she get's it with fashion and is a fireball of fun (creep her on
after a long day of shooting product at the my photog friend, cody, was happy to take my outfit post pics. 
seriously he is the bong!! yes the bong! what? i got marley on my boobs..err. mind!!

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