Monday, August 20, 2012

magical mondays come from sinful sundays!

hello magical monday, hopefully to be like magic mike complete with half naked sweaty men and grinding hip movements with teeny tiny man thongs! ahhh, if only monday's were magic mike days it would be so must better to face! hehe.. so yesterday was sinful sunday, i like to call my sunday photo shoot days sinful because most of the time they involve someone getting nekked! lol.. jk we keep it at a pg13 level kids, i'm old and married. the concept for yesterday's shoot was 1940's old hollywood glamour puss! mr. lymon winn and dino and carlo panti produced it all and had about 3 makeup artists and 3 hair people and shot about 15models or so. it was a big beautiful orgy! i mean shoot around!! hehe.. the 13 other models/girls were kind of shy but maybe because they were intimidated by my bi-lingual rap skillz and my home slice miss barby garcia's(from barby with a y bytch) signing and groaning skillz!! we tore that place up with our loca-latin energy.. talk about reality show in yo face!! oh you didn't know we'd be filming (on our iPhones of course) a music video complete with butt and boob turntables, did yahh?! you can see the video if your friend's with me on Facebook and if not add me---> mary ann cruz-horne ((bamm)) speaking of which, i should make it music video monday! yeahhh!! happy monday yahh'l, hope your week is ahhmazing!


  1. What a well documented life! Cool photoshoot!!

    1. spank you miss chamberlain.. errrr. mrs. jones!! :) <3