Wednesday, August 29, 2012

rave about it, why dontchahhh!


mary where are your pants!? ohhh, there they are! ;p
pondering on if i should do some squats, go eat ice cream or..
eat this bottle of rave hairspray.

nahh, i'll just kick some make believe air ninjas!!

ohhh no, i killed the make believe air ninja!

sneaky snake, the addison by jeffrey campbell @ solestruck
oh hiiii 90's jewelry... eye see you!
what?! are you an american or an american't?!

rave. my love.
my spray face is sexual.
diy cut off tee and shorts: thrifted finds from yesterday, booties: jeffrey campbell addison from solestruck, ying yang/evil eye necklace/clay bracelets: fantastik swap meet in las vegas, watch:michele jelly
ain't no shame in this girlies game!!! lot's of ladies ask "mary you have the sexiest juiciest hair i have ever seen! what do you use on it for all that body?!!" and my reply "rave hairspray babyyy, since the 2nd grade!!" yes, this is a true statement! i freaking love rave hairspray, i grew up using rave hairspray, it's thee best hairspray hands down!! who says??! i says!! and what i says goes:) specially since i'm a cheep a$$ (as you know now) it's only $1.99, meaning i can go through as many bottles as i want!! i can spray all day err day!! and that i do. i have a love affair with my rave, or is it an addiction? i can never tell the difference, either way i have to have it and spray before going anywhere and then again while i'm there. but it can't be any bottle, it has to be the extra large bottle and 4x the hold and most importantly it has to be aerosol! i hate the pump bottle, it's way to wet and sticky for my taste. hehe... so if you smell some familiar stench from your childhood dance competitions or it smells like your aunt rita, it's most likely me and my head full of rave!! and it's also what we call highly flammable. ;p

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