Thursday, August 16, 2012

so what do you do, mary?!

dentrix,vegas convention 7/12

dentrix,vegas convention 7/12

dentrix,vegas convention 7/12 w/ian

dentrix,vegas convention 7/12

today i did hair&makeup at a shoot for one of my very favorite clients, henry schein. the shoot was for promotional materials for it's dental software company, dentrix. i love walking into their building and seeing all the brochures, posters and video that i have worked on. all the pictures above are ones that i have done hair&makeup on. i have worked with henry schein for about two and a half years and recently traveled with the company last month to their vegas convention. they are ahhhsome to work for and i have developed some cool ass friendships, mostly being my main man and hooker..err.. i mean booker, ian. ian is a smart ass mo-fo and the funniest guy you will ever meet. he is basically like the boy version of me, crude, quick witted and can booty shake it like no other. and he is straight, with a wife and 3 beautiful little girls. i just love his face! i also love working with them because they are chill and aren't uptight about stupid on set sh*t.
i get asked by a lot of people "why don't you move to l.a or new york to do makeup? i'm sure you would have more work." this my friends maybe true, but here in good 'ol utah believe it or not we actually have a steady need for talent work. the nice thing about being an artist in utah is there's more demand than there's supply, so in turn i am constantly busy. many things are filmed and shot here in utah from movies and t.v series to infomercials, corporate videos, catalogues, magazines, ooohh you name it and it's shot here. i am fortunate enough to be represented by utah's best and most reputable talent agency, talent management group (tmg). they don't accept people by the herds like many other "talent agencies" or make you pay to sig with them. they are very selective of whom they represent, being careful not to double up on to many individual's looks. they are fabulous to work with, i freaking love them! tmg represents me for modeling, acting, set&wardrobe styling and my main gig of hair&makeup artistry. yes all of those things and yes it's ok to do all of them, specially if you can do it well. it's awesome cause sometimes i will go in for a casting and not get it but get booked to do the hair&makeup, so it is a win-win situation:) aside from booking the big buck gigs through my agency, i am a freelance makeup artist for christian dior (nordstrom) and run my own freelance makeup company, focusing on bridal and special event hair&makeup. i also do monthly features about current makeup trends on local news stations. so although i could move to l.a or n.y (and wouldn't have a problem with that if it weren't so dang expensive to live) for now i think i will stay in my little hometown and continue to kick ass and take names. :)

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