Wednesday, August 15, 2012

sun(flower) in my eye and boots to the beat

(tank:obey-fringe shrug:f21-denim cutoffs:diy thrifted-leopard belt&spike necklace:target-citrine crystal&bullet necklace:etsy store the bashful owl-boots:d.i.y,thrifted cowboy boots,various thrifted belts-watch:michele) 

few things make me more happy than thrifting and d.i.y'ing (ok, shoes are right up there) it's like a therapeutic release for me to dig until i find my treasure. i also love to create and use my imagination, hence why i paint on faces for a living. when i can create or refashion one of a kind pieces that no one else has makes me excited. it's like a high that nothing else (well maybe sexy time) can touch. i saw some amazing booties online and was about to order them when i noticed the price..$450?! now don't get me wrong i don't have a problem dropping $450 on boots if they are worth it and smell like fresh cow hide. speaking of which, i wouldn't mind me some tory burch boots for the fall. anyways, these boots i wanted caught my eye because they reminded me of gypsies and pirates! who doesn't want to look like a gypsy or a pirate?! i know i do! i had to have the boots, did i buy them? no, i made them. well actually i refashioned old (leather) cowboy boots and put some mary magic into them and presto! they came out even more amazing than the ones i was about to buy online. what do you think? well my feet are happy and so is my wallet, which means more $ to find more treasure! :)

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