Friday, August 24, 2012

the black dress and cheap bras

today only i'll be selling for the low price of $10.99!! woohoo jk.. you wish! so yesterday at overstock we shot business suits and mother of the bride dresses. i'm not a fan of a lot of clothing that restricts, i hate loads of layers, i just feel so claustrophobic. like my skin is drowning in cotton! it's funny cause most the models who go in to shoot love the suits and the jackets and work it like no tomorrow..i just feel awkward! it's like my body doesn't know how to pose when they put me in those damn suits! my face goes all sad and ugly, i turn into the worst model everr & they maybe get 2 pics of me to chose for the website. but you put me in a bikini or a bra and "bam" mean muggin mary is in the house, flipping her hair and given those amazing mary faces and doing my happy hump dance!! must be the latin in me.. speaking of bras-overstock just started selling bras, i am their first bra model:) we shot those last friday and they are now up on the site for your viewing pleasures. don't be a perv face. so back to my day, after shooting the suits and mother of the bride sets they surprised me with the most fabulous "morticia addams" couture like dress i have ever seen. their buyer from NY had shipped it for them to shoot specially on me(i like to tell myself that). it was like creepy gooey gory goodness in the form of a dress, i had to pour myself into it, or pour it on me cause that's what it looked like. luckily it said "off the shoulder" dress in the notes because that mo-fo was tricky to figure out. the back looks like it could be the font because it does that j-lo super deep v. but we got it and.. let's be honest how amazing does it make my a$$ look!!? this dress is freaking amaze balls! I might have to order it for me cause it's gorgeous and it now has my stench all over it(litereally)! ha

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