Monday, August 27, 2012

watch for this trend: the mature woman's crop pant

get'n crazy in geriatric crop pants
1.why does this self inflicted c.t(camel toe)feel so good? 2.i think i wee-weed?
3.self inflicted wedgie whilst squeezing my buns tight  4.haha.. cody farted!!
cause my mom tells me i'm pretty.
hold on to my mighty crop pant draw strings, i'm about to give you a good ride babyy!
thank u cody for your amazing photog skills&for letting me model with your sweet frames!
in my post below i shared a bit about my feelings about the outfits i model for i'm not bitching, cause as a model you are the "hanger" for the client, yes i get that and yes i know and yes i freaking love it. but these are my you know when i walk into the overstock dressing room i either the running man and booty bump squealing with a big mary grin cause there are dresses, bikinis or bras for me to model or 2.see outfits that have way to much fabric for my claustrophobic skin(which will be the next 4months for me) and make the "mary face" you literally need to scrape it off the floor, otherwise called the "mary wahh-face". today was a "mary wahh-face" day because the first thing i noticed were jackets and big heavy sweaters:( boo.. but then i noticed a section filled with every khaki colored crop pant you could imagine.
the mature woman's crop pant. 
i got giddy, why? cause i'm a freak and i like weird things, like the crop pant. pretty much if it's a weird item to model and the other models won't model it (cause they're worried about looking dumb and ugly) that's where i come in! i'm not scurred! put those geriatric crop pants on me!! the peeps over at the know me and i appreciate the photogs who put up with my multiple personalities, cause they never know what i'm gonna pull. they let me make my pretty faces and still shoot my not so pretty faces. hence all these amazing images above! but hey-we have a blast! i love those guys, specially my maggerella(pictured above swinging on my drawstrings)! 
who said you can't be mental and make money at the same time? they obviously don't know shit! :) "just beee yourself"-genie 

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