Tuesday, August 28, 2012

wet'n wild thrifter face

color of fall-read below to know what it is ;p
basket full of goodness
manage a mary
more camo! can't wait to slash up those tees& pretty excited about the vintage  dooney&bourke find
tee:vintage, shorts:f21, belt:target, plus size woman's blouse:nordstrom rack, purse:marc by marc jacobs, sunglasses:ray ban, booties:jeffrey campbell for nasty gal, watch:michele
amazing soft amber leather cowboy boots $9&scaly black leather mini tie-up booties $5, both like new!
thrifting outfit, perfect for a stroll through the junk yard

i am a bag lady at heart, i love my weekly thrifting therapy sessions. just me, the smell of moth balls, my hand sanitizer and all the crap people have donated for me to buy.
one (wo)man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure, right?! 
some of the stuff i find though is not crap, not in my eyes anyways and that's what counts. like the cowboy boots i found today, they're practically brand new and someone decided to give them away!?? why?!! do you know what would be nice? if people like that could call me and say "hey mary, i'm tossing out my crap come get it." how ahhhsome would that be?!!  i need to figure out a "call mary she'll take all your crap off your hands" system. then i can fulfill my dreams of becoming a true hoarder! i'd never know where my feet were and have mounds of sh*t to climb over and use my new stainless steel fridge as a wardrobe! that would be amazing! 
speaking of amazing, i have been helping my friend maggie find a new fall lip color. a color that screams "fall on me fall, i am ready for you!!" something a bit more dramatic and sexual. cause fall is super sexual with all it's intense colors and magicness. we found some pics on google and kind'a had an idea in mind. we were prepared to spend some major dough on this "perfect fall shade" like $27 or so!! haha..but cheap a$$ mary had an idea!! last season wet'n wild was having a sale and all their lipsticks were $.50! there were so many awesome colors that i had to buy all of them. i remembered this deep raspberry red and dug it out and what do you know??.. it's just the color we have been searching for!! yes, you heard me right!!
wet'n wild #918D  <--- for $1.99 (current price) paired with some lip gloss is glorious and super hot!
so put on your thrifter face and go get some!:)
*thanks to my photog/bestie of the day mrs.shariana suliafu toufou 


  1. oh em gee! its too bad we live several hours apart! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hoard...err, thrift....err, TREASURE HUNT with you! We do that often here too! My oldest daughter started school this year with her thrifted vintage goods, as opposed to being a cookie cutter with the rest of them. Proud day for me.

    I love this post, except the mounds of stuff part..just watching Hoarders on TV scares the crap out of me. ha!

    On a side note, whats your shoe size?

    1. i like your steez!!! how awesome is your daughter though!? i mean besides having you as a mom, she is waaaay cooler than those other one minded samesie clone kids!! i hate/love watching hoarders when they find their missing pets decomposing under their bed. gross.. but it's like going to walmart, i can't help it!! but seriously wtf people!! i am a size 7 1/2 or 8.. just dep on the shoe and how sweaty my foot is. lol :) xM