Sunday, September 30, 2012

a little weekend get away..

just big enough for the two of us and stella.
but seriously?!!
i could live here every day of my life!
how gorgeeeeous is this cabin??
i just die!!
talk about glorious furnishings!!
i thought about packing up one of the red chairs and taking it home!
but then it would be out of place with my
r.c. willey dinky furniture!! whomp-whomp..
even stella couldn't contain her happy face!!
she loved searching every square inch of the property.
such a cutie!
the view was phenomenal!! even stella was in awe of the sunset!
we were to tired to cook dinner the night we arrived so we decided to go to dinner.
my friend maggie lives in the area and suggested we try j&g grill, she said it was her absolute favorite.
we decided to give it a try.
  j&g grill is located at the st.regis in deer valley.
it was about a 4min drive from the house.
first things first!! beer him up and hot tea me please!!
morgan looking over the menu.
everything sounded delicious, good thing maggie told us her and her hubby's favorite dishes to order.
that made it a lot easier for us. 
top lft-rt: moe's buffalo blue cheese, mushroom, bacon burger with truffle fries-my surf'n turf, lobster tail and claw with cucumber ginger salad and a piece of the juiciest, butteriest fillet minion i've ever had-amazingly flavorful truffle pizza- caramel popcorn butter ice-cream.
this desert was to die for!!!
i savored each piece, it was that good.
chocolate fudgie swirls blanketed the bottom of the bowl.
 crunchy toffy popcorn surrounded three buttery smooth balls of caramel ice cream.
home made whip cream and a toffee piece topped off the best dessert ever!
i licked the bowl. 
waiting for the tram to get back to our car.
it was pretty cold out, i'm glad i packed my leather jacket!
nothing like waking up to a cup of coffee and this view!!
how could you not be happy with these two things.
this is how i felt..
on top of the world, letting go of all my worries and basking in clouds and sunshine.
in another world..
all our energy would come from the sun.
we would recharge our happiness daily and drain out into the darkness of the night, till the sun rose the next morning.
i was hoping to fly away with my magic cape.
over the lake and into the clouds to taste the rain drops.
dreams are like views, you can see them but sometimes you don't believe them.
you must have faith & trust in yourself to what you are seeing and feeling,
that what you are feeling is real and nothing is impossible.
quote-by me:)
over looking jordanelle reservoir and waiting for our friends..

bo's shirt says it all "vatos locos"
the three amigos/bffs: bo nagahi, andrew johnson and morgan (my hubby)
toasting to life and good friends! 
say "whisky!" whisky!
funny bo, photo bombing our pic.
stella was a little scared.
 she wanted him to take her off the ledge i had her on.
katie and bo.
cutest couple around, katie is due around my birthday..
on oct. 20th, we could have a new baby nagahi!!
so happy for these two, they are our very close friends.
little stella, she is just the sweetest, cutest little thing!
thank goodness she likes to pose as much as her mom:)
on mahh bodyy:
cowboy hat: harley davidson from the utah state fair, mexi-blanket/magical cape: target, green satin high-low tank top: nordstrom rack, long socks: t.j. maxx, tall wedge fringie black boots: nordstrom rack

such a nice surprise to get away for the weekend. nothing like a little r&r!! we stayed up at the most beautiful house/cabin in deer crest, which is about 40min away from our house.
the house is actually owned by my sister natalie's brother in-law, j.t, so we got it for a really good deal. it was the second time we had been up to the house (mansion). j.t. usually rents it out to celebrities and families on vacation during the winter months and around the sundance film festival.
i hear lady gaga and ashton kutcher have even stayed in this house! but that's just what i "hear" lol..
the house is over 7,000sq ft and has five huge bedroom suites, it's own massage parlor and an elevator!! the fire pits in the back on the decks are my favorite!! there's nothing like a fire and an amazing view of the moon's reflection on the lake. the decks over look the jordanelle reservoir and the mountainside. this time of year the leaves are changing color so everything is so vibrant and rich. park city is just beautiful, if you have a chance to get out there you need to! oooh and i can't wait for it to snow and then go back to the house, because the backyard goes right into one of deer valley ski resort's runs!
we had such a fun time this weekend just the two of us and then a fun time having a couple of our friends over for a bbq on saturday.
deer crest is just amazing and so is my hubby for planning everything. thanks babe!

lumenas studios-two day shoot

1st one on set and ready to go at 7am!!
good job me!!
 i went ahead and pat myself on the back for being early!
and how ahhsome are my football dup brush holders?
yes, i love football!
this job is not for the squeamish!
i had a guy on set who would not stop sweating, i had to pat him down with napkins at least 20 times and powder his sweaty face and neck!
that's why i'm also a..
professional nose picker, dry lip skin picker, oily hair fixer upper, mustache plucker, ear hair plucker, gum spitter outer holder, nose blower tissue holder, dandruff brusher offer and of course all over basic powderer.
there is no limit to my services, i need my actors/models looking flawless!
(i also go through germ-x like no other!)
rob is an amazing british actor who was flown in from his current home town, l.a.
he was was cracking me up with all the different language accents he could do.
i've never seen such talent like him.
my favorite was his indian, from india accent.
i learned how to pronounce poo-poo perfectly!!
my magic wand always standing by.
people on set prob think i have a.d.d because i never sit down.
but..yah gotta be on it-on it!!!
no slacking here, i am constantly watching the monitors making sure no one is shiny or has hair fly-aways.
this job keeps you on your feet, that's why i always wear comfy shoes.
my cowboy boots are always a go-to for me:)
through my eyes.
watching monitors, making sure everyone looks their best.
this is what makes a good on set makeup artist/hair stylist.
you also have to be quick.
i changed her hair style about 5 times during the two day shoot.
i like to tell dirty jokes in between touch ups!
it calms the actors nerves!! lol
in this scene she was working with donor gerald, who shaves his head.
so i decided to tell her my favorite joke:
"why did the bald man cut a hole in his pocket?"
"to run his fingers through his hair!!!"
bahaha... this was her reaction!!!
three monitors for three different camera angles.
these guys weren't messing around, they were shooting with r.e.d cameras.
they are the gucci of cameras!! the ultimate and best you can get for now.
the shoot took place at lumenas studios, which is also an animation studio.
they had the most amazing hand made figures and molds of characters they turn into 3d for animated films.
films for disney, pixar and more.
these are all characters that have been in movies.
they are currently working on a top secret movie and hid all the new figures so that we couldn't take pictures of them.
good idea, cause they would've been posted by me!

last week i worked my booty off on a two day back to back shoot for a promo video.
i love video shoots!! they are so fast paced, you have to be on your game!!
thank goodness i quit drinking two years ago, because there is no time for a hangover!! lol
even though they are high stress and a lot of work they make me happy and i feel blessed to be doing what i love for a living:)

Friday, September 21, 2012

operation: homeless youth project

awesome event for a good cause. the youth shelter is actually about a block from ulysses salon.

welcome to salon ulysses, where all your hair dreams come true!
one of the talented stylists prepping this long legged beauties' hair.
clips on clips and kevin murphy hair spray!
that's right, you work away and i'll sit here lookin sexual drinking my pumpkin spice latte!!
oh yeah, sexual face for sure!! how hot do i look??!
this is my brothahh from another mother! get'n his luscious hair did by the shows queen bee, chaunsey hildebrant.
the make us beautiful and magical looking station!
everyone get'n their makeup did..
that's right mama likey!! it's nice to relax and get my makeup done instead of doing every bodies and my own!
what the hay'ell!! i've been growing my poor eyelashes for the last month from 2 yrs of eyelash extension treatments i had't used this contraption in years!!
gossip girls! reading those diiiirty mags...say what??! jennifer anniston is preggo with twins?!
hurry up and wait.. get there early wait-wai- wait! story of our lives.
nattalie and i wardrobe fitting with mckell maddox, she was on season 8 of project runway.
sweetest little woman alive!
 such a true talent!
shariana waiting for wardrobe. 
just airing out, no big deal!!
the "suck it!" pose, shariana didn't get the memo!lol
chillin with designer, jordan halvorson and his one leg! jk, he's hiding his other leg.
work till the show starts! jordan touching up on one of his suit jackets.
like siamese twins separated at birth...
cause i'm a team player!! s
tepped in and took our set's hair into my own hands!!
we needed big, sexy, just f*#^ed hair and the other hair stylists just weren't hitting that high note.
luckily i take my rave hairspray everywhere i go!!!
busted that out and went to town!! (note in bottom right pic)
mckell's set looking all sexual and fierce! 
jordan halvorson's set
left: designers sophie st. claire and jordan halvorson
right: a bunch of crazies i.e models:)
sophie st. claire and some of her models
waiting in line to go stomp the runway, no nerves here just bad jokes from me!
ohhh heeeeey!! just got done werkin out the runway, waiting to do the grande finale!
designer andrea black in the white and some of her models waiting to go out.
too much?! nahh, the more the bettahh!! cause like i said when i grow up i wanna be mr. t!! all jewelry on me in my own:)
modeling along side my asian persuasion sistahh, olivia akerly
drippin' swaggoo
shariana and her sexy mama joi 
how amazing is he?!! he tried to make us all look bad with the fierceness pouring out of him!!
how would it be to have stems like this!!?
seriously, this hottie had 45inchers! or something like that, i sware!!
shshsha-shay in mckell's designs 
mony, the gorgeous nattalie... and my crazy a$$.
the woman who makes my hair look freaking amazing!! i love her so much!
my friend/hairlady-ms. ashlyn buchi hootchie cootchie!
the lady who organized and ran that sh*t, chaunsey hildebrant.
she is also a hair stylist, makeup artist and model!!
this duo kicks a$$!!
my lips, shay, nattalie, olivia and shariana... sexy ladies!
post show meal!!
yup, cause we eat like we're 300lbs and we're ok with that!!

what a freaking fun day/night!!! thanks to chaunsey hildebrant for organizing such an amazing event! it turned out better than expected, tons and tons of people showed up and lots of money was raised to help the homeless youth!! the models, designers, hair stylist and the makeup artists worked some magic and we all looked sexual!! such a magical night with awesome energy from the crowd. so happy to be apart of this fun event!