Wednesday, September 19, 2012

back to work, back to reality..

hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work i go!!
back to work, back to reality!
after taking almost a month off, due to ifv, i am officially back to the grind!

suit me up maggie! 
hats, scarves, leg warmers and a baby lamb.
i'm soo hot modeling winter gear!
but seriously i was sweating my a$$ off!
does this hat make my head look fat?
 sure does mary!!
what do you mean it's on wrong?! 
this is how i look when i (snow)ski... i'm doing the "pizza"!!
no fan? no problem! use your dragon breath!!
this is how they get me to settle me down!!
at most work places you would get fired for treating your employees like this.
i on the other hand like it! 
you need this hat in your life!
buy it now on
just another day at work, blowing people's socks and hats off!
shoot numero dos yesterday for skylar taylor. 
skylar taylor and i pouty pouting and posing.
watch for his clothing line! coming soon:)
got my sexy pants on
we mustache you a question!
three amigos to the rescue!
what i wore to work..
my bada$$ attitude!! ohh yeah!
i'm in-vested today!
when i grow up i wanna be mr. t!
on mahh bodyy(photos by clint):
diy thrifted studded jean vest, high-low black dress:f21, black studded wedge trainers:miracle mile shops in l.v, circle sunnies:jmr,  cross double chain necklace:f21, citrine crystal bullet necklace: the bashful, large chain gang

the last two days i have been a busy little bee!
yesterday i worked at overstock modeling winter hats, scarves and leg warmers. most of those accessories were either wool or cotton. needless to say i got hot! and when i get hot i get sweaty!! sexy, i know! i was so hot they brought out the industrial fan and that's when we started making magic! mr. long hat made for a good shoot, not sure how it will function in real life but it was fun with the fan! i guess it would look cool if you were tumbling down the mountain skiing!llol..
i then headed to another shoot to model t-shirts for an up and coming local clothing company. i'm so excited for skylar taylor to launch his new t-shirts!! they are gunna be amaze balls!!
today i was back at the to model women's suits and sweaters. it's always funny modeling women's suits because i have to put on my serious face. it's super hard to do that when you have nipple clamps, err, clothing clamps all over your body from the suit drowning you! luckily i brought my prescription glasses to help put me in character! there's something about a suit, a clip board, a pen and some sexy glasses to help get into teacher/librian mode! it's funny cause even though they wont use any of the clipboard shots the photographer understands my craziness and just laughs and clicks away! 
i love him for that! thanks for catering to my 12yr old self, clint!! i freaking love modeling for overstock. i had a blast today too cause my bestie, shariana, was also booked. shariana and i have become really good friends with our stylist/boss maggie. the three of us are like the "three amigos" when we all get together we get cray!! i love my friends and i love that i get to work with them!
annd if you were wondering.. overstock is based in salt lake city and shoots most of their product/clothing in salt lake and some in their office in new york. 
so if your surfing on their website and see a familiar face that would be this cheeser face:) 
if your bored you might as well go creep their site, make fun of me and buy some stuff!!

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