Monday, September 17, 2012

my fair ladies!

or in other words "classy town" because the first guy we notice was 315lbs wearing overalls and no t-shirt.
high divers at the fair?!
you betcha!
that tower they were diving off was 1,000ft in the air!!
they made me sh*t my pants every time they jumped!
i did enjoy their tiny speedos though!
if this picture were scratch'n sniff you would be salivating!
it's a heavenly mixture of cotton candy, fried pickles, churros, funnel cake, corn on the cob, manure, corn dogs, deep fried twinkies and french fries!
mmm.. just breathing in the fair air you gain 10lbs!
fairy dust and midget farts fill the air making rainbow colored sunsets.
i bought this chicken rotisserie for my next family fiesta, pretty excited to try it out.
first things first!!
because at the fair dessert is a meal all day long!
i'm a sucker for ponchos!
specially ones that scream
"i'm a mexican pot head!!"
 this little shop was hat-penen!!
i'll take one of each!
i need one for each day of the week cause i'm far to lazy to do my hair these days!
shariana and i trying on legit western hats..
i settled for 2 instead of 7 (hubby would be proud!) a black one&a brown one.
everything tastes better at the fair!
specially with my ahhhhmazing new hat and favorite star wars tee.
magical little tribal shop and little dream catchers. 
real petrified indian shamen who grew antlers out of their heads.
i regret not buying them to hang over my bed.
found some treasures. i scored 2 magical stone necklaces.
no weight limit=big kids on mini horses.
obviously i rode the sh*t out'a that horse!!
i love freaks!
they asked me to step in for the bearded lady, unfortunately i shaved my mustache and beard before heading to the fair.
dang, next year.
usually i'm the perve, looks like i taught my friend good!
a fair must!
4 of us raced, this fat a$$ won! 
i would be the happiest little mary if i had one of these slides in my backyard!
sorry i had to, it's not a fair with out a creepy pedophile looking clown.
i wanted to ride this, but it didn't look as sturdy as the ponies.
happy face mary pondering on how to steal a pony. 
on mahhh body:
my ahhhsome a$$ hat, star wars tee:target, leopard grey and black shorts: bp nordstrom,  dark cherry stompers: dr. martens off ebay, cross body bag: marc by marc jacobs, bunch of random necklaces/rings/bracelets: from all over.

pics speak for themselves:) 
in conclusion i've realized i need a giant yellow slide and a pony for my birthday!
but i will gladly settle for a churro maker!
let's make it happen people!

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