Sunday, September 16, 2012

fno yo!

in magazine's FNO SLC 2012
so many talented local designers & vendors who were featured: rockwell watches, bettie page, design by diamond, aven clothing, sophie st. claire, misc, n.i.p, the f.d.i students and more..
 photo borrowed from:
sophie st. claire "the alfa fem collection" was my favorite look. very mod military chic!
 photo borrowed from:
twerkin the red carpet boho style
not gonna lie, i'm a slut for red carpets!
gallivan center-the cat walk
blue light buddies
joi suliafu, skylar lorequette, me, nattalie marley, shariana suliafu-ta'ufo'ou
it's not a fun night until skylar's nipple pops out!
designer and friend danny nappi, me and skylar's nip
friends who pose together.. party out together
douglas gomez, me, skylar, shariana
nip, crotch& my butt slapping hand...what more could you ask for.
singer cameron rafati stole the show
when drunkards attack!! this girl would not leave us alone.
shariana and i behind the scenes with miss teen utah usa keilara mccormick 
too cool for skool.
floppy hat:f21, gray tee:f21, elk horn necklace:f21, floral leggings:h&m, boots:jeffery campbell addisons from solestruck, leather bag and bone fringe bag:spell and the gypsy collective

 first off i want to say *thank you* to everyone for the love, support and sweet comments from my ivf post. i am sending you all huge hugs and wet kisses xxoo!! you have touched my heart and i am happy to know that by exposing my situation i am also helping those of you going through similar battles to feel less lonely and scared.  
muchas gracias :)

I finally felt good enough to get out of the house friday night and in good spirits to see friends. i decided to go to salt lake city's in magazine's fashion night out. after missing last weeks art meets fashion and fashion place mall's fashion night out, i was super excited to catch this event.
 i love fashion shows! usually i am working doing makeup or modeling in them and never get to see the whole show, so it was nice to relax and watch from the sidelines this time. my friend shariana usually models in the shows as well but decided she would sit it out and come to the show with me instead. this is one of the millions of reasons why she is my bestie and has been for 17yrs!! my other bestie/2nd husbie/partner in crime/other half of the mary, skylar more show also tagged along.
i'm sure some of you outside of utah are thinking "they have fashion in utah??!" 
f-yes we do! 
while i'm not gonna lie i swear the majority of our state still thinks ed hardy, affliction, bump-its, juicy sweatpants and sparkly jeans are cool. there are also the bold majority of us who breathe, eat & bleed fashion. utah has some amazingly talented designers and artists, a lot of which have been featured on t.v. shows like project runway (keith bryce&mckell maddox).
the first fashion show of the night started out a little glitchy and slow, it started late and the sound was off. but they figured that 'ish out and as soon as the music was pumpin the crowd was too giving the models more confidence to twerrrk the runway! my favorite part of the whole show was the break between the two shows were singer cameron rafiti performed. i actually went to high school with cameron and dated him back in the dizzay, so it's cool to see him succeeding at what he loves. back in high school he would sing and play his guitar in the talent shows, he always had all the ladies up on his junk. lucky me got a couple personal serenades(mmhmm)...
but that was then and this is now and i am married to the man of my dreams so we will leave it at that:). cameron has an amazing stage presence as soon as he started singing he demanded everyone's attention, guys and girls! his music style is like a combination of john meyer/maroon 5/ben harper/jason mraz. he sang some of his own songs and covered some current popular ones. during a couple of his songs this drunk girl started dancing in front of us and kept trying to get us to dance with her, she kept pulling poor skylar in and we kept telling her to leave us alone but she wouldn't. finally after tripping over her bolligerant herself and exposing her underwear to everyone her "friends" grabbed her and left. (rant) girls- please contain yourselves, drinking to the point of stupidity is just plain stupid!! you look f'n ridiculous and we will remember it, we've all been there but most of us grow out of it after it happens once or twice. if you can't handle it don't do it or don't go out in public and make a fool out of yourself. being sober myself for over 2yrs i have seen some girls make complete fools of themselves and that fuels me to never want not drink. you can have fun with out drinking, trust me. (end of rant)
after drunk girl left we continued to enjoy ourselves and cameron's energy poured into the second fashion show giving it some swagger and beat. the show closed with a long grand finale with all the models and designers, ending another amazing fashion season.
congrats to everyone involved in the shows production, you did good!!
i can't wait for next years show, it just gets better and better! hopefully it gets us closer and closer to putting salt lake on the fashion map!

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