Friday, September 14, 2012

i'm plaid to be me!

collector of plaid shirts and hoarder of everything else :) 
tied? not tied? no laces? screw it... loose laces! just how i like it!! lol
i have hair a.d.h.d
lipstick is all the makeup yah really need, everything else looks better with a smile.

what's up doc?!
thrifted plaid top, husband's hanes beater, target spandex shorts,  ankh necklace:etsy, amber and silver circle ring:urban outfitter's, turquoise and silver ring: hawaii flea market, leather and brass bracelet: nordstrom, 100% raw coconut water from whole foods

this smile on my face is courtesy of my sister natalie:) 
for the first time in two weeks since my ivf ordeal i am finally starting to get my energy back and the swelling in my stomach is going down. thank you baby j!! the last couple weeks have been very emotionally and physically draining. but nothing (besides my hubby) makes me happier than my sister!! not even rave hairspray and sour patch kids.. a few things did come close today though: cafe rio for lunch, tj maxx shopping trip, an impromptu shoot in a church parking lot and most excitingly my new vintage dr. marten's came in the mail:) 
happy face usa babyyy!
i scored these bada$$ doc's off ebay for a steal! they are practically brand new! i'm lusting everything deep cherry and blood red, from my nails to my lips, to my feet, to my rebecca minkoff mini mac!! ahhh i just love it, it's perfect for fall! my favorite time of year and not just cause it's the time of year i was born... or maybe it is! hollahh at me fellow libras!! but i also love love halloween, it makes me happy! me being the makeup artist i am it's the perfect time of year for some makeup fun!

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