Friday, September 21, 2012

operation: homeless youth project

awesome event for a good cause. the youth shelter is actually about a block from ulysses salon.

welcome to salon ulysses, where all your hair dreams come true!
one of the talented stylists prepping this long legged beauties' hair.
clips on clips and kevin murphy hair spray!
that's right, you work away and i'll sit here lookin sexual drinking my pumpkin spice latte!!
oh yeah, sexual face for sure!! how hot do i look??!
this is my brothahh from another mother! get'n his luscious hair did by the shows queen bee, chaunsey hildebrant.
the make us beautiful and magical looking station!
everyone get'n their makeup did..
that's right mama likey!! it's nice to relax and get my makeup done instead of doing every bodies and my own!
what the hay'ell!! i've been growing my poor eyelashes for the last month from 2 yrs of eyelash extension treatments i had't used this contraption in years!!
gossip girls! reading those diiiirty mags...say what??! jennifer anniston is preggo with twins?!
hurry up and wait.. get there early wait-wai- wait! story of our lives.
nattalie and i wardrobe fitting with mckell maddox, she was on season 8 of project runway.
sweetest little woman alive!
 such a true talent!
shariana waiting for wardrobe. 
just airing out, no big deal!!
the "suck it!" pose, shariana didn't get the memo!lol
chillin with designer, jordan halvorson and his one leg! jk, he's hiding his other leg.
work till the show starts! jordan touching up on one of his suit jackets.
like siamese twins separated at birth...
cause i'm a team player!! s
tepped in and took our set's hair into my own hands!!
we needed big, sexy, just f*#^ed hair and the other hair stylists just weren't hitting that high note.
luckily i take my rave hairspray everywhere i go!!!
busted that out and went to town!! (note in bottom right pic)
mckell's set looking all sexual and fierce! 
jordan halvorson's set
left: designers sophie st. claire and jordan halvorson
right: a bunch of crazies i.e models:)
sophie st. claire and some of her models
waiting in line to go stomp the runway, no nerves here just bad jokes from me!
ohhh heeeeey!! just got done werkin out the runway, waiting to do the grande finale!
designer andrea black in the white and some of her models waiting to go out.
too much?! nahh, the more the bettahh!! cause like i said when i grow up i wanna be mr. t!! all jewelry on me in my own:)
modeling along side my asian persuasion sistahh, olivia akerly
drippin' swaggoo
shariana and her sexy mama joi 
how amazing is he?!! he tried to make us all look bad with the fierceness pouring out of him!!
how would it be to have stems like this!!?
seriously, this hottie had 45inchers! or something like that, i sware!!
shshsha-shay in mckell's designs 
mony, the gorgeous nattalie... and my crazy a$$.
the woman who makes my hair look freaking amazing!! i love her so much!
my friend/hairlady-ms. ashlyn buchi hootchie cootchie!
the lady who organized and ran that sh*t, chaunsey hildebrant.
she is also a hair stylist, makeup artist and model!!
this duo kicks a$$!!
my lips, shay, nattalie, olivia and shariana... sexy ladies!
post show meal!!
yup, cause we eat like we're 300lbs and we're ok with that!!

what a freaking fun day/night!!! thanks to chaunsey hildebrant for organizing such an amazing event! it turned out better than expected, tons and tons of people showed up and lots of money was raised to help the homeless youth!! the models, designers, hair stylist and the makeup artists worked some magic and we all looked sexual!! such a magical night with awesome energy from the crowd. so happy to be apart of this fun event!

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