Tuesday, October 30, 2012

quiet mess of thoughts..

on mahh bodyy:
soft sunflower yellow leather fringe: thrifted, black tank: kain, floral graphic leggings: h&m, knee high black boots: nps, feather silver necklace: f21

i enjoyed one of the last warm days outside today overlooking this gorgeous view.
this view of the salt lake valley is my favorite, i like to come to this spot to regroup and clear my mind.
i feel like i've been so busy the last couple weeks. i'm also getting really anxious for my embryo transfer at the end of this week. i really hope and pray that it works this time & that those little guys stay for 9mo or until they are ready. this has been such an emotional, physical, crazy roller coaster. going through ivf this last year has definitely made me mentally stronger. i am also more positive, which sounds contradicting considering it has yet to work. but i feel things happen when they are suppose to. i am also positive in the sense to just trust in fate and continue on with an open heart and a smile to warm over a bad day.
the mind is our most powerful tool..

p.s. i probably changed the blog design 5 times today, thanks for baring with me.. still not my fav.
i need someone to design something for meee:)
lmk what you think!

Friday, October 26, 2012

world series time..

on mahh bodyy:
red nike inc. snap back cap: pacsun, silver knitted tunic sweater: f21, jeans: f21, pleather brown and black felt letterman jacket: f21 men's, silver, gold, rose gold snake chain: f21, black and silver studded wedges: wild pair
i've been watching the (baseball) world series playoffs the last couple days with the hubby.
i can't really complain seeing as i love baseball. plus it gave me my outfit inspo for today's post;)
who do you want to win?
san fran giants or detroit tigers??
my yankees are out, so i'm rooting for san francisco!!
go giants!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

gypsy thoughts and turban dreams..

on mahh bodyy:
maroon turban: f21, paisley print button up blouse: thrifted, leopard print jacket: sears,  olive corduroy jeans: f21, grey snake skin belt: thrifted, grey thigh high boots: urbanog.com, necklaces: etsy, bangles: various locations, earrings: dancing crane imports

kiss the cook..

another day another dollar :)
modeled the crap out of this glorious apron, oven mitt and pot holder set.
you can find them on overstock.com.
i was going to add captions, but i decided to leave that to your imagination..
have fun.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

tree hugger

hugging tree's reminds me of the guy that gets trapped by the talking tree in the movie
"the last unicorn".
i have a phobia when i get around trees that the tree is gunna spring to life and trap me between it's tree boobs..
you feel me???
who says you lose your imagination as you age?!?

the ground was a little wet, obviously i like that.
soggy butt equals a good time.

stacked, baby!
you can never have tooooo many!
the more the "mary'er"!!! lol

hey guys, just leaning against this tree looking hot.
with my soggy a$$..
that's all.

i had a pair of boots like this back in the day.
i spotted these ones at the thrift store and i thought i'd bring them back.
so comfy and chunky!

cause who doesn't like to throw leaves into the air and catch them in their mouth!!
oh, wait that's raindrops!
my bad.

on mahh bodyy:
mint and white sweater: thrifted, grey silk shirt: nordstrom, corduroy maroon pants: t.j. maxx, mustard boots: thrifted, bead and leaf silver necklace: f21, beaded bracelets: various places, feather earring: diy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the patch.

hello mr. pumpkin head, you're the one!!
let's make out!

you think my tractor's sexy..
i love old skool rides, specially big ones!!! lol:)

i think cat's know i'm allergic to them and are attracted to me cause they wanna kill me with their super cat dander!!

old lady, you are beautiful.

little midget pumpkins make me happy.

what a sexy beast.
red looks good on you, girl!

hay. there. 

my stalker amongst the stalks.
 creepy little cat. cute, but creepy.

pumpkin stompers smell better than poo stompers.

so bada$$, i wonder if they still work.

why am i attracted to the ugleeee ones that look like they mated with a turd!!?
it's cause they're so much more interesting than the pretty ones.

hands on. always ;p

i kinda wish i was a cowboy.
at least i can dress like a fancy mexican gaucho cowgirl and pose on sexy tractors.

stripes, pearly whites & turquoise.

i need this in my life.
this is big red and she is glorious!

ohh, this is the kid wheelbarrow?!!

...and then i turned into a pumpkin head.
weird things happen when you kiss random things:)

on mahh bodyy:
grey hat: urban outfitters, large woolly sweater cardigan: frenchi, striped button up blouse: thrifted, denim jeggings: b.p. nordstrom, lace up over the knee stompers: urbanog.com, white stone and turquoise gold necklace: banana republic, stackable rings: h&m and f21, diamond bands: o.c. tanner