Saturday, October 13, 2012


dreads for a day, ok!
my hair is wanted "dread or alive" hehe
1. brush out your nappy a$$ hair :)
i air dried my hair prior to, but you can do this at anytime, your hair doesn't have to be clean.
if you haven't showered or washed your hair for 5 days even better.
it will give it that authentic dirty smelly dread feel.
2. apply about a dime sized amount of shine serum to the ends of your hair so it doesn't look all dry and hay-like.
i love kevin murphy's products, they are ahhmazing.
the before..
my giant bush head!
i was born this way! my poor mom..
3. gather your hair half up to look like a sumo wrestler.
start on the bottom section of hair first.
4. grab sections about "this big" (reference picture above, duh)
5. twist that little section with your finger away from your face making a perfect little "twisty"
6. spray your little section of twisted hair with some ahhsome hairspray, like rave.
cause it's legit! thee best ever.
spray lightly, making sure not to over saturate.
you don't want little crispy pieces of hair.
7. flat iron your twisty from the top down. if needed re-twist and flat iron again.
7. repeat twisties on the bottom half of sectioned hair.
8. section off another half of hair, tease at root and start process over. (reference step 4 if you're confused)
9. finish with the top section making sure to tease at root and twist your twisties away from your face.
spray more hair spray all over your hair.
make sure not to stand next to any open flames or by anyone that smokes.
and if you smoke, now's a good time to quit;)
cause you could blow up in flames, thanks to all that hairspray!
the finished product!!
bob marley head, yeay!
it took me about 15 minutes to do my whole head.
it'll probably take you longer, but don't
practice makes perfect;) lol
happy dreading people.
"she was a buffalo soldier, dreadlock rastahhhh"
these booties rock!
on mahh bodyy:
camo jacket: thrifted, cream buttoned up blouse: thrifted, brown pleather pants: local boutique,  calf hair leopard print booties: guess, rosary necklace: hot topic.

it's fun to change up your hair, specially when it's not something permanent.
this is a look you wont "dread"... actually you will! ha ha ha
i used to do this to my hair in high school thanks to shakira's influence.
hips don't lie and "hair" you kidding how ahhhhmazing she is?!?
who wouldn't want to have hair like hers, so i figured out how to do my own faux dreads.
try it out, hope you like ;)


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