Monday, October 8, 2012

full of "bolo"ny.. and then some.

bunhead.. like butthead, but sweeter.
"hey muchacho mary!!" jk.
i'm not a muchacho, i'm a muchacha!!
my "bolo"ny has a first name, it's b.a.d.a.$.$
my grandpa-inlaw, ralph that i love so much, loves bolo ties.
he always has one on.
when i saw this precious gem at a little antique store in heber, ut it reminded me of him.
i had to have it.
some of my favorite things.
if you notice repetitiousness w/ my arm candy/rings it's cause i wear what i love.
why try to impress when this is who i am.
scored these bad ladies at h&m!!
27$bucks and comfy as h.e.double hockey sticks!!!
(my hell, i sound like a utard sometimes!)
on mahh bodyy:
boys light white striped denim button up w/tan elbow pads: target, demin jeggings: b.p nordstrom, tan cardigan w/black stripes: t.j. maxi, wedgie tie up heels: h&m, bolo tie: thrifted, belt: thrifted
muchacha monday.
hope you had a happy lame excuse for a holiday, but who's complaining cause lot's of you were off from work, columbus day today!:))