Sunday, October 7, 2012

holy mole!

red iguana. best. mexican. everrr!
sooo freaking good they had to open red iguana dos cause uno is always slammed!
the two locations are within a block of each other.
i prefer 2!
my draaank!
green tea.
i like to get my pallet right before my mole!
you know it's bomb food when triple d features it!
mole, mole , mole!!
this is the sampler plate of their amazing mole!
just look at that flavor!
dinner is served!
happy food faces.
i pretty much always order the same amazingness!
why mess with a good thing?
i get the chicken with a side of mole pablano and amarillo. it comes with rice, refried beans and your choice of corn or flour tortillas. i get corn and a side of platanos!
hey homie!
if i could be any chola i would be the top middle left!!
ta-tas and hair for days!!!
on mahh bodyy:
silk blouse: tj maxx, black denim: genetic brand, lace-up over the knee stompers:,  grey cross body bag: marc by marc jacobs nordstrom, skinny leopard belt: target
red iguana= killer mexican!!
my fav mexican restaurant in salt lake!
this restaurant has won best of state mexican food every year for the past who knows how long and a bunch of other awards.
it was also featured on diners, drive-ins and dives.
i freaking love that show! i don't care how douchy guy fieri's frosted tipped hair is, i love him.
it sucks though cause i get so hungry every time i watch it.. did anyone ever watch star trek next generation? on the show they had this bada$$ computer that you could order whatever food and drink you wanted and it would materialize it for you!
presto and pooof- whatever the hell you were craving would appear!!
i need one of those stat, so when i watch the food network i can eat what they are eating!
someone hook it up for my bday!!:)

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