Tuesday, October 2, 2012

just another day at the office..

braaaas, glorious bras!!
so essited it wasn't coats and suits!!!

brahhhhh day!!!! yeeeeayyyy!!!
too bad i didn't prep for it:/ this is unfiltered.
they don't photoshop at overstock, so i did some serious sucking in!

my secret to pulling off a successful boulder holder day.
stuff and suck in the muff(in top).

bras on my head, bras on the monitor, bras on maggie and bras on jonny!
it was bra-tastical!!

we know why he's smiling!! lol
jonny is like my little brother, sickos!!
he is shariana's little-big tall handsome brother..and he's available!
we're tight braaaah!!!
look i'm a penguin birthing a red head!!!
bra day was also snuggie day!!
do you know how much i loved today?
so. much!
if i was a midget this is what i would look like!
call me mary the midget!
outfit of the day concentration station face.
can't decide if i like these gaucho pants??!
i like/love/hate them because i feel like they give me a giant camel toe!!
but i love me some cheeetahhh print!!
good hair day.
but it was a s.o.b to do!
just took me 1hr to blow dry and curl, that's all.
this is why i opt for hats.
my favorite stompers everrr!! dingo makes the best boots!
on mahh bodyy:
tank:h&m, goucho pants: silence and noise, stompers: dingo-thrifted, back-pack:target

i'm not gunna lie, today was good!! had a blast with those snuggies and bras!!
hope you had a good tuesday too!:)
mucho loves and less camel toe to you all!

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