Monday, October 15, 2012

melted while wearing a cross..

welcome to ulysses!!
best salon. everrr:)
love them!

1. i spy kit, practicing his cuts on a doll head.
2. sarg. ulysses the bear!! i don't know what his real name is but that's what i call him.
3. the salon features local talent's work, they switch it out every quarter. i love seeing the new art or photography.

i brought my balls today.
time to chop-chop!!

lady with foil.. she looked up as soon i took this and was petrified.
sorry, that's just me being a creepy face.

we match with our slutty thigh-high sockies!
great minds think alike.
we're like two boobs in a bra!

my sexaliscious hair stylist/friend, ashlyn.
waiting for my color to develop.
she's the biggest babe.

how cool are these dryers?!
they're like space ship helmets!

blow'n out the weave!!
get'n it riiiight!!

short(er) hair and a glorious highlighted caramel melt!

before and after.
somehow i developed a tan in the after picture.
must be from being soo damn hot!!lol

gate gardians/ salon welcome committee!
creepy tweeeners much?!?

just looking sexy that's all, nothing else to see here!! ;)

gray wedgies

ohhh hayyy!!
you looking at me?!
why yes, i did just get my hair did!!
thanks for asking!

on mahh bodyy:
black jumper with white cross: f21 current, brown shorts:f21 last season, gray wedgies:f21 last season, thigh high sockies: urban outfitters, collar chain necklace: target, gold watch: michele watch, hair: ashlyn buchi at ulysses salon 
got my hair did.
and i looooove it:)
thanks ashlyn!!

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