Thursday, October 11, 2012

my "choker" face

on mahh bodyy:
hunter green tank:f21, leopard print high waisted skirt:f21, gray button up shirt: brandy melville,  black knee high socks:macy's, silver feather necklace cluster:world market, cowrie shell choker necklace:stole from a high school boyfriend, spikey brass bracelets:gypsie warrior, clay bead and leather bracelets:vegas swap meet
i was organizing my jewelry today and thought i'd share a few of my favorite things..
i've had a lot of these pieces since junior high or high school, since i'm pretty much a hoarder.
i love my old jewelry because each piece holds a memory.
i loved high school :) i was very involved in sports, theater, dance, news reporting, boys, art, drinking and partying, i mean not drinking and partying! lol...
i was pretty much the same back then as i am now (except i don't drink now) social and funny:)
it makes me happy to have jewelry that reminds me of those memories.
another thing that reminds me of high school are my "newish" cherry docs.
i always wanted real doc martens but my parents couldn't afford them for me because they were to expensive:(
i had the payless brand shoe replica specials, not the same, but they worked.
i think that's were my distaste for knock-offs come from.
since i could never afford the expensive brands when i was younger i vowed to work hard to afford the things i really wanted.
the real brand name pieces.
I'm by no means a label luster, i'm more about the look&feel of the piece.
but sometimes it's nice to be able to buy "that" marc jacobs bag.
also, not having all the name brand clothing while growing up i learned how to piece second hand items with new items.
i'm grateful for my experiences because from that stems my love and individuality for fashion.
it's all about being creative and using your imagination.
i was able to piece together so many different outfits, i hardly wore the same outfit twice.
my parents, who came from different countries to the united states, are prime examples that working hard and fighting for what you want pays off.
old people know what's up;)

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