Monday, October 1, 2012

park city play date- gaucho grunge style!

park city is glorious this time of year, it is a must!
and so is my new fav lunch spot, bandit's grill&bar..yummee!

twinner happy faces!!
see those nachos?!?!
shariana and i mowed them!!
best nachos we have ever had!

spotted some ahhmazing bull skulls..
 i am obsessed!!
buy me one for my bday and paint it gold..mmmkay!

native american heaven!! this little store had so many unique gems.
look at all that turquoise!! beautiful!! expensive, but beautiful!
i loved those native figurines too, some of them were seriously creepy! no wonder they scared spirits away with them!
i really wanted to try that head piece on, in the bottom right corner, but they wouldn't let me.
i offered to flash them my boobs, but the lady wasn't having it!

this is a diagram of where the threads comes from for those amazing native blankets.
how cool is this!!
quite the process, no wonder they're so bada$$!

finished product!!
i'm regretting not buying some!
but i can't decide if they're too itchy or not, yah feel me?
they are really pretty though and would match my house decor perfectly..

crack that whip!!
actually there was a sign that read:
"please do not crack the whips"
what fun is that?!
how are you supposed to know if  the whip works if you can't test it out!!
rules, schmools...
whip me shariana!! hehe

cause these fat kids right here (me pointing to me) like our treats!!
and i love me some rocky mountain chocolate factory!!

"how many licks does it take till you get to the center of the.. ugggh, uggghh"
little kim's version of course!
me and my mint chocolate chip ice cream and shariana and her chocolate dipped caramel pretzel stick.
not showing is our massive chocolate drizzled rice crispy treat and more chocolate dipped caramel pretzels!!
yes, we have problems:)

annnnd perfect.. a little pig kissing a giant pig.
pig-out then make-out!! oh yeah!

shariana strutin' down main street with her ahhsome a$$ fringie back pack.
i like how we (unplanned) both went with the goucho grunge look for the day!!
i love my bestie!

s.a.l.e at flight boutique= for sure buy!!
shariana scored this amazing camel colored cape jacket for $60, originally $300!!
such a super model/ super shopper!!

things i lusted!
i love the wild fox maxi dress with the eagle and *bull horn skull!!
gotta get one asap!!
and look how fun that fringie top is!!

takin some selfies while shariana was trying on clothes.
my leopard print scarf is from this boutique!
leopard is my favorite color, it matches anything:)

i want those shiny sequined pants!!!
another bday wish...
they remind me of the just released spring2013 rebecca minkoff pants!!
i. need. now.

message to live by.
love one another.
i like that they had a section dedicated to help support local designers.

hand made tassel leather and bone necklace.

wild fox kills it!!
i love the thrashed look!!
i wanted to buy all three of these sweaters, too bad they were all over $250 each.
sad face:(

ohhh hi guys:)
obvi that i'm freakin cool!!
i can just make my own slashed sweater!
i did this diy little number about a year ago.
gunna have to make a vintage run asap.

i love all the colors and textures and prints going on in this collage.
i was this(me holding up thumb and pointer finger)close to buying those cute vintage cowboy fringe boots!
but they were a half size too small:(


hats and boots.
i was drooling.

boot scootin boogie!!
i'll take one of each!!
thank you!

on the way out of town...
saaaay whaaat?!!
a po-po!!!?
this guy, clearly just pulled us over to talk to our sexy selves!!
thing is shariana left her driver's license in her pants at home.
so on top of no license, speeding-supposably doing 45 in a 30 and not
"stopping" at a stop sign... he comes back to tell us that he is giving her a warning!
annnnd before he left he tells us he likes our hats!?!
on mahh bodyy:
grey hat:urban outfitters, diy shredded gray top shirt from f21, leopard scarf: flight boutique,  printed shorts:nordstrom rack, knee high sockies:hue, over the knee boots: (old), circle rim glasses:jmr
frolicking, shopping and stuffing our faces on park city's main street with the bestie makes for a funnarific day!
awesome end to an ahhmazing park city weekend!

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