Tuesday, October 30, 2012

quiet mess of thoughts..

on mahh bodyy:
soft sunflower yellow leather fringe: thrifted, black tank: kain, floral graphic leggings: h&m, knee high black boots: nps, feather silver necklace: f21

i enjoyed one of the last warm days outside today overlooking this gorgeous view.
this view of the salt lake valley is my favorite, i like to come to this spot to regroup and clear my mind.
i feel like i've been so busy the last couple weeks. i'm also getting really anxious for my embryo transfer at the end of this week. i really hope and pray that it works this time & that those little guys stay for 9mo or until they are ready. this has been such an emotional, physical, crazy roller coaster. going through ivf this last year has definitely made me mentally stronger. i am also more positive, which sounds contradicting considering it has yet to work. but i feel things happen when they are suppose to. i am also positive in the sense to just trust in fate and continue on with an open heart and a smile to warm over a bad day.
the mind is our most powerful tool..

p.s. i probably changed the blog design 5 times today, thanks for baring with me.. still not my fav.
i need someone to design something for meee:)
lmk what you think!

1 comment:

  1. amazing look, sweetheart!
    design is nice enough, maybe a little bit dark.
    But I love the pattern.