Sunday, October 7, 2012

sunday snowbird day

fancy schmancy day.
i lost my cliff lodge cherry today and it was wonderful!
such a beautiful spa.
namaste to you, oh spa gods and feet fairies! 
picture perfect peacefulness.
"group"on day..
we all bought this amazing groupon deal for an express facial and pedicure!
it was heavenly!
my lady used a clearsonic on me for my facial and i loved it!!
i had never tried one before and now i am in love, i have to buy one!
another bday gift to get me:)!
getting our tootsies prettied up..
only the best will do!!
cause i can't have my polish chipping off after 3days.
i hate salons that carry crap polish!
it makes me mad, so when i saw this wall of o.p.i i was pleased!
dark and luscious piggies. the color of october. 
view from the spa.
the pool and the alpine slide.
if it weren't 55degrees i would've attempted a tan.
after our relaxing facials and pedis we went to lunch and to enjoy the last day of oktoberfest.
snowbird is gorgeous and full of funtastikal things to do.
today was good to people watch!
a bunch of drunkies stumbing around eating brats and waffles:)
good times.
soaking up the sun trying to stay warm.
crisp and cold!
freaking underdressed.
looks pretty and sunny, but these looks are deceiving!
i wore leggings cause they're perfect for the spa, i wasn't anticipating walking around out in the cold.
freaking froze my a$$ off.
support local.
love the bird.
i'll take one of everything, thank you!!
i'm a sucker for little shops and anything bob marley!
i'll probably name one of my kids bob cause it's such a bada$$ name!
bob horne.
yeah, i dig.
trying to pick out a bumper sticker for my subi.
grateful is not dead. 
more amazingness and magical things. 
some of my fav finds of the day.
hemp. me. up. lady!
these have always creeped me out!!
they look all cute and innocent, but i know they come to life when we're not looking!
they're all plotting to take over the world by stuffing you into their shell!
i don't trust them.
but i do like these bad boys!
skulls make me happy.
how could you not smile looking at their smiley happy skull faces?!
bought this little guy to protect me from the creepy matryoshka dolls.
sistahh, sistshhh!
me and my twin.
well basically my twin, just 4yrs younger and 4inches shorter:)
just freezing and smiling, that's all.
poor michelle was visiting from california and wore sandals, her poor toosties were frozen.
my new boyfriend.
how cute is he?!!
i was super jello of his whole outfit!!
he totally outdid me!!

on mahh bodyy:
hat: f21, t-shirt: target, plaid snap button up: old navy, wooly vest: country clothing co. thrifted,
 black leggings: tj maxx, brown lace-up combat booties: nordstrom rack, round sunnies: jmr

i dubbed today's sunday funday "sunday relaxation station happy faceday!"
sunday's are just the best day of the week, period.
everything amazing always happens on a sunday.
sunday's are the crunch berries of the bunch if the whole week were a box of captain crunch.
today was super relaxing at the cliff spa. i like how we went from the spa to the fest, all w/in walking distance. snowbird is just ahhhsome, i also love skiing there.
i would say that i can't wait for it to snow so that i could get my ski on. but i hope to be preggo by the time it dumps, so i can def wait for the snow to come this year.
no rush.. take your time mr. snow flake man!
it was already cold enough today w/out the snow.
not excited, i need more time to prep myself for that kind of everyday coldness.
let me find a couple more "old man" and "mexican" sweaters before that happens.
and maybe a really awesome north face sleeping bag to double as a coat!

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