Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the patch.

hello mr. pumpkin head, you're the one!!
let's make out!

you think my tractor's sexy..
i love old skool rides, specially big ones!!! lol:)

i think cat's know i'm allergic to them and are attracted to me cause they wanna kill me with their super cat dander!!

old lady, you are beautiful.

little midget pumpkins make me happy.

what a sexy beast.
red looks good on you, girl!

hay. there. 

my stalker amongst the stalks.
 creepy little cat. cute, but creepy.

pumpkin stompers smell better than poo stompers.

so bada$$, i wonder if they still work.

why am i attracted to the ugleeee ones that look like they mated with a turd!!?
it's cause they're so much more interesting than the pretty ones.

hands on. always ;p

i kinda wish i was a cowboy.
at least i can dress like a fancy mexican gaucho cowgirl and pose on sexy tractors.

stripes, pearly whites & turquoise.

i need this in my life.
this is big red and she is glorious!

ohh, this is the kid wheelbarrow?!!

...and then i turned into a pumpkin head.
weird things happen when you kiss random things:)

on mahh bodyy:
grey hat: urban outfitters, large woolly sweater cardigan: frenchi, striped button up blouse: thrifted, denim jeggings: b.p. nordstrom, lace up over the knee stompers: urbanog.com, white stone and turquoise gold necklace: banana republic, stackable rings: h&m and f21, diamond bands: o.c. tanner

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