Monday, October 22, 2012

thurs-sun..birthday weekend!!! ohhh, yeah:)

cause it's mahhh burthdayyy!!
annnd... my sister's tooo!!

bday celebrations at mi familia's house.
filipino food, sobra sarap!!

happy burrrthday to my seester, nat!!
we are four years apart, though we look like tweeeners(minus my new short light hair!)
she's my mini me:)


how sexy am i as a little nugget??!
i probably ate that whole cake.
i was a girthy kid for a second there!
we always had huge bday parties when we were minis.

while singing "happy birthday"
we like to point at ourselves and sing
"happy birthday to meeeeee!"

and then this happened.
i think i still have frosting up my nose!!

friday night date night lovin.
celebrating at my fav restaurant w/just us.
on mahh bodyy:
pleather jacket: f21, floral blouse: h&m, mauve pants: nordstrom rack, cheetah print booties: aldo

how cute are we though :p
this weekend i had happy birthday sung in 3 languages!

bday day:)
this tops all the pics!
melts my heart.
i pulled into the garage from morning zumba,
just as i was looking down at my phone i see moe pull up behind me.
i grabbed my phone and shot this picture.
this. is. love.

best bday present. everrrrr :D
umm... hi beautiful lusciousness sexytime bag!
i will love you forever and always!
he's a keeper of a husband, that's for sure;)
on mahh bodyy:
taupe shirt: f21, plaid button-up: old navy mens, socks: macy's, cowboy boots: thrifted, gold watch: michele, silver chain bracelet: david yurman, cross body bag: chloe

bday night,
yes, we like to dress alike on our bday.
don't be jello.
we're really 5!

such fahhhbulous friends<3

my maggie and our beauty queen jamie lynn..
helloooo sexy ladies!

annnnd then i got this ahhhhsome a$$ cake!!
who doesn't love a penis cake?!
thanks sis:)

don't ask.

the things i make peaople do:)
i love these peeps.

birthday bowling.

sayy whhhahhh?!!

moe was so mad that he lost to me that he deleted the scores from the first game as fast as he could.
i snapped this as fast as i could for proof that i kicked some a$$!
i beat the husband!!!
i will brag about that for a couple months and love every second of it!! hehe

then we got bored and started molesting the balls.
we're good at that!!

..and that pretty much sums up the rest of our ahhmazing bday bowling night!

post bday brunch.

couldn't have asked for a better sister or a better bday!
who else to share and spend such an important day with than your sister..
love her to pieces<3
on mahh bodyy:
grey tee: c&c california, pleather jacket:f21, leggings: t.j. maxx, plaid button up shirt: thrifted, cross body bag: chloe, nordstrom, round sunnies: jmr

brunch. coma. face.

i wished for a kid for my bday and got 8!!
my little rug rats are too cute!!

all my crazy nieces and nephews:)
minus our newest addition, baby kate, who is in kentucky with my sis&bro-in-law.

these kids fill my heart with happiness and sugahh:)
best birthday ever!!

thank you for the bday love people:)
on mahh bodyy:
red button up with blue stars blouse: old navy, leather shorts: thrifted & diy, cheetah belt: target, thigh high sockies: h&m, lace-up booties:, leaf cluster necklace: world market, cross body bag: chloe, feather headdress: diy


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