Wednesday, October 24, 2012

tree hugger

hugging tree's reminds me of the guy that gets trapped by the talking tree in the movie
"the last unicorn".
i have a phobia when i get around trees that the tree is gunna spring to life and trap me between it's tree boobs..
you feel me???
who says you lose your imagination as you age?!?

the ground was a little wet, obviously i like that.
soggy butt equals a good time.

stacked, baby!
you can never have tooooo many!
the more the "mary'er"!!! lol

hey guys, just leaning against this tree looking hot.
with my soggy a$$..
that's all.

i had a pair of boots like this back in the day.
i spotted these ones at the thrift store and i thought i'd bring them back.
so comfy and chunky!

cause who doesn't like to throw leaves into the air and catch them in their mouth!!
oh, wait that's raindrops!
my bad.

on mahh bodyy:
mint and white sweater: thrifted, grey silk shirt: nordstrom, corduroy maroon pants: t.j. maxx, mustard boots: thrifted, bead and leaf silver necklace: f21, beaded bracelets: various places, feather earring: diy

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