Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a little holiday cheer, in your pants!!

how hot do we look!? lol

our "blue steel" pose
or the "i just smelt sh*t" pose.. hehe

stretchin it out for our ahhhmazing dance video..
yes, we are excited!!

"tough guy tuesday"

welcome to the gun show!


yippee!! free sleigh rides!!

oh, haii

he is precious!!

expect this on your christmas card from us!! 

with our friend/photog teresa dewilde
and our ahhsome ugleeee sweaters.

just another typical tuesday in mary's land..
ugly sweaters. dance videos. bestie chatt'n. more dance videos and almost getting kicked out of trolley square. holiday card posing. and sleigh riding.
always good times with my skylar;)

watch our majestic dance video here:

and friend us on fb if you're not friends with us already:)

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