Wednesday, November 21, 2012

black jean beauty

on mahh bodyy:
orange paisley and floral print blouse: thrifted, green hat: target, black pants: rock star jeans old navy, brown braided belt: thrifted, black booties:, cluster silver feather necklace: world market
can i just tell you how ahhmazing those black jeans are?!!
my friend, maggie, had them on the other day and i was like "what are those pants!! you look teeny!!"
she replied "they're old navy!"
i was like "no freaking way! let's go get them for me!!"
so we go to old navy and she leads me to them...
maggie then proceeds to toss me a size zero.
"what the hell maggie!!?? i'm not a zero, you are waaaaay smaller than me!!"
"no, i promise they will fit you!!" replies maggie
i roll my eyes at her and say "yeahhh, mmm hmm, what ever."
i try them on and to my surprise they freaking fit!!
not only do they fit, they are sucking me in in all the right places!
they're not like other skinny jeans were you feel like if you bend wrong they'll rip in half,
with these ones i could do the splits and they still wouldn't rip.
i test them out by kicking up my leg up into a hold.
amazing stretch quality, as if i had leggings on.
i bring my leg down and almost magically they shrink back to size with no baggy butt behind me.
needless to say i'm going back for every color in these bad boys and i urge you to do the same!!:)

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