Monday, November 5, 2012

coat me with that magic dust


on mahh bodyy:
cream hat: urban outfitters, button up blouse: h&m, native american print robe: f21, distressed denim flares: f21, large gold and turquoise pendant necklace: vintage find 
mary and the amazingly creepy glorious barn.. a silent story, narrated by pictures. lol


today is 3dp5dt, meaning it's 3 days past my 5day old embryo transfer(from friday).
i'm still on bed rest and trying to keep myself entertained with a list of new blogs to stalk.
my blog informer extrodinaire and amazing friend and stylist, maggie diamond, sent me over a pretty solid list of her favorites.
i don't ever really have time to sit and stalk other blogs or pin much because i don't work at a job where i am on the computer all day, i'm always out and about.
so this is going to be fun;) let me know if you want me to stalk your blog, cause i will! or if you have any recommendations on your fav blogs to stalk.
maggie is also on the ivf roller coaster of fun, she is about 12days behind me with her cycle.
ivf is not the easiest thing to go through, there are so many medications, stresses and emotions that come along with it.
having a close friend to talk to about all those things with and to cry to is definitely a major blessing.
not only for ourselves but our husbands as well!!
lol.. our poor husbands and their whore-monally fueled wives! we are lucky we have amazing hubbys who stick by our sides, even if we are a crazy hormonal mess right now.
i am blessed to have maggie in my life. it's funny to think how people come into your life right when you least expect it and when you actually need them the most.
things happen for a reason. that's why it's good to stay positive.
i dream of us and our huge preggo bellies (and butts) eating (gluten free) cupcakes, french fries, cuddling in our cheetah print j. crew pj pants and watching saturday nights warrior.
all while bawling our eyes out with ice cream lodged in our throats.
i pray so hard that we get hit with that tornado of baby dust and we get preggo together.
it's all a waiting game now..
i have another week till my beta, the blood test that determines if my hcg levels are high enough to be preggo.
then if i am preggo(pleeeeeeese, pleeeeese, pleeeese) i go back in two days after that and have another beta to see if my hcg levels have doubled.
then again two days after that.
ohhh, the anxiety!!
and that's how you know for sure if you're preggo..
i could cheat and do a home pregnancy test but i am way to superstitious to do that.
i'm gunna be tough and hold out for the blood test:)
it's nerve wrecking i tell you!!
i haven't felt this anxious since the last ivf (of course) and running for student body president in 9th grade(make sure you vote tomorrow!!)!!
which i lost, to a kid named hans beverage (yes that's his real name)
but i did end up winning class secretary (win, win)..
i hope & pray hard to the big "G" that this is another win, win ;)


  1. Fingers crossed. Our prayers are with you girl. Know you are loved- you will be an amazing momma!

  2. photos like from the movie!
    you're beautiful!
    keep fingers crossed for you, dear!