Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving!!

on mahh bodyy:
black floral dress: target, mustard yellow leather fringie jacket: thrifted, brown cowboy boots: thrifted, bolo tie: thrifted, silver bracelets: f21
happy turkey day, everyone!!!
today i am thankful for my health.
for my liveliness and comedic nature.
for the ability to touch peoples hearts and uplift them with a smile.
i am thankful for my loving husband, who has been the biggest supporter/cheerleader of my life..
besides my mom and dad, who i would not be, with out them and their amazing parenting.
love you parents!!
i am thankful for a talented loving sister who i love more than life and would do anything for and i know she would do the same.
for a handsome funny brother who i am in awe of daily.
i am thankful for my doggie, stella, i love her with all my heart.
i am thankful for my entire family/extended family/inlaws/nieces/nephews/etc, who i love so much.
i am thankful for my friends, my virtual friends and all the support that i have received this year.
i am thankful to live in a country where i am free and all dreams are possible.
i feel blessed.
i am so very thankful today:)
have a happy thanksgiving everyone!!
let's eat!!

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