Sunday, November 4, 2012

ivf: round 4 part 2

i call my uterus "the money sucking uterus"
because of how much we have spent trying to get pregnant.
i laugh about that actually, a nervous little  "i'm gunna puke" laugh..
but i know one of these times (this time) it will work and it will be worth every penny!

icsi(pronounced ick-see) may be used to fertilize the eggs, instead of simply placing them in a culture dish and letting them do their "thang".
 with icsi, the embryologist chooses the most healthy looking sperm and inseminates the oocyte with the sperm using a very thin needle.
this process was used to fertilize our little guys.
we ended up with 9 really good 5day old embryos that we had frozen from the egg retrieval.
we now have 7 embryos left, sleeping on ice and the two that they thawed out for the embryo transfer.

the embryologist making sure our embryos (or someone's, cause i borrowed this pic off of google) are growing at a normal pace.
this is what a day 3 embryo looks like, means 3 days of growth after fertilization.

test tube baby!!
this pic kinda irks me, but it's also kinda funny.
i understand  that the dr's fertilized and grew my embryo for 5days, but ultimately the little nugget(s) will be growing and thriving in my uterus.
 not a test tube.

more needles, yeay!
acupuncture before my embryo transfer.

bea hammond, my amazingly gifted and sweet, acupuncturist.
i have worked with her since the beginning of round 4, which has been since the end of july.
she is a gifted and well trained certified acupuncturist who calms my nerves and has become very therapeutic to my ivf progress.
she is the best.

dr. richards rolling in the incubator with my little embryos.

i have morgan look into the microscope at every transfer to make sure the embryos are really there.
this time i wanted to see them for myself.

and here they are!!!
my little unthawed beautiful em-babies!!
wide awake and ready to go!!
 i peered through the microscope & i could see them spinning around.
they are already zumbaing!!
i hadn't cried the whole time until i saw them.
they are real, they are alive.
they may be itty bitty, but they are alive!!
i just pray that they attach to my uterus and grow.

mr. ultra sound.
i call it a mr. because he is very intrusive.
see that wand on the left?
yeh, that's the intra-uterine ultra sound wand. we have become very close this last year.
then we have mrs. ultra sound wand on the right, which is the nice and happy external viewer.

the basics of how an embryo transfer works.
you can view a video and more here..
the transfer takes about 10-15min.
my lucky socks of course!
after the transfer you get to chill out and lay down for 30min.
during this time my acupuncturist did another session on me to work on blood flow to the uterus to help with embryo implantation.
i was so relaxed i passed out for about 20min.

bea and i

my doc!! dr. richard marrs and i..
ohh and excuse my no makeup and lazy eye look.
i was hoped up on valium.

he wrote the book!!
not only do morgan and i really want this to work, but i know he really wants this to work too!!
 i'm sure we are taking down his almost perfect percentage ratings..
but i have a good feeling about it this time.
everything went smoothly and i have never been so relaxed and happy.

a little info for you on ivf...

my current daily meds.
vivelle: 2 estrogen patches, i switch out every other day.
5mg prednisone: takin everyday to help lower my antibodies and keep them from attacking my embryos. progesterone: 4 v.suppository pills daily
lovenox shot: a blood thinner for my blood clotting issue. to assist with blood flow to the uterus & aid in embryo implantation.
so all in all not to bad, just one shot this time, but man does that mo-fo burn;(!!

my estrogen patches..
yes, i am a hormonal crazy woman.
don't feel bad for my husband or anything!! lol;)

if you know someone dealing with infertility please do not tell them this..
relaxing will not help.
tackling the problem head on and seeing an infertility specialist will.
all the stories you have heard about people relaxing and getting pregnant were miracles.
 the majority of us need to see a specialist.
so please be considerate:)

and now the dreaded 10 day wait!
 i'm home on bed rest for the next couple days, looking at the ceiling hoping my little embabbies are attaching.
not going crazy or anything..
i mean, what else is there to think about.

since i'm on bed rest and since my husband is a medical device sales rep, he thought it would be a good idea to strap me to his dvt unit.
that way it prevents any blood clots. 

i have some amazing friends and family. thank you for making my bed rest "bear"able.
with out you i would be going nuts!! lol 
well it finally arrived.
part 2 of round 4!
if you're confused on what i'm talking about you can read my past post entitled
"what's been on my mind"
i'm laying here on bed rest praying that these little embryos attach and burry their way into my uterus.
i hope they like it in there, i shoved some glitter, cotton candy and snoop dogg tunes up there to make sure they are comfy and happy:) ok not really, but if i could i would.
i feel good about it this time, i feel relaxed, confident and mostly ready.
i'm reday to be a mommy.
i'm just anxious and trying to keep my spirits high.
i'm thinking positive happy thoughts of beautiful mini marys or moes running around.
thank you to all my friends, virtual friends, and all my family for your positive sunshiny vibes and prayers.
your loving positive comments mean the world to me and my sanity.
thank you.
i love you with all my heart.


  1. IVF treatment is described very nicely step by step. People have different opinions about it, some think it is useful and some think that it is just waste of time.


    1. thank you matt.
      i'm sure there are many mixed feeling about ivf.
      especially if the person has not physically gone through it or has not achieved a (positive) pregnancy from it.
      but for my situation i just have to have faith that it ill work because this is the only way, besides a miracle, that my husband and i will be able to have our own biological children.. sans surrogate.
      i will happily waste all my time and money if that's what it takes to have a family.
      ;) best to you.

  2. I just had a baby girl, my sweet baby ray, my crema betun, my la la la love of my life. This blog made me weep. I don't know you, and just stumbled upon your blog as I was about to post in mine, just a thought. What a lucky baby to be, to have a fun, joyous, goofy and beautiful mama like you... I am so grateful, grateful, so GRATEFUL for my bebe...good things in store for you..I can feel it. This whirling, swirling, pulsating, vibrating rainbow colored love vibe that you emit...calling to your tiny baby, calling her home.

    1. i'm very teary eyed writing this response.
      you have touched my heart.. from one momma(you) to me(a soon to be momma).
      i feel your love, your positive energy and your beautiful spirit.
      you will never truly know how much your words have touched me and have warmed my heart and refueled my spirit.
      very much needed.
      just as i was having a tough and anxious day, i open this note from you.
      i am so happy to hear how much you love your baby girl and how she is your whole world:)
      i pray that this is my time and that i too can partake in those very precious love-blanketing feelings.
      lot's of love to you and your beautiful baby girl.
      thank you<3