Saturday, November 10, 2012

just in time for the snow..

thanks for making my day mr. fedex man!
thanks for braving the snowstorm to deliver the goods to me!

yesterday was the first snow storm here in utah.
it snowed all day yesterday and all day today.

who doesn't love getting packages in the mail!!
morgan opened the door today, because of course mr. fedex man had to deliver my goods when morgan was home.
he was like "oh i see you bought yourself something online(again!!)"
i swear it's a conspiracy that they time their deliveries for when our husbands are home!

it's snowed about two feet the last 48hrs.
look how deep that is!
trees are falling, branches snapping and in some places the power is out.
two giant tree branhes broke in our yard.
luckily they missed hitting our house or any of the patio furniture.

just in time for the snow!!
my new b.b. dakota coat!!

i'm lovin the print and the faux fur trim around the hood.

the back.
obviously i have an addiction to indian print.
note my rug. lol ;)

love it!!
yup, gunna have to order another stat!

on mahh lips!!
my two fav lippies right now!
they are a must in my purse.
i love the baby lips for hydration and a slight tint of red.
 i wear it alone or as shown here,
paired with blackberry from revlon.

on mahh bodyy:
coat: b.b. dakota, cross body bag: chloe, jeans: joe's jeans, cowboy boots: thrifted
the pics aren't the best quality or fashion shoot material, but i figured i'd post them anyways ;)
i wanted to show you guys my new coat that i'm in love with!

today is 8dp5dt
i have one more full day to get through until my 1st hcg test!!
the pregnancy test.
i am soooo nervous/happy/excited/going to pee myself every time i think about it/i pray/beg this is it.
it has to be.
4th time's the baby charm!!
for the test results we are aiming for a score of anything over 50.
that way i know i'm pregnant!!
then we go in every other day for about a week for more testing to see if that number is doubling.
if it is that means the little guy(s) are growing and making my uterus their home for the next 9months!!
my last 3 transfers i tested at a negative zero, which means your s.o.l on being preggo.
a bfn ((big f'ing negative))!!
it's all an uphill battle from monday's hcg test.
i could cheat right this second and take a home pregnancy test.
but i've held out this long...
i really want to make sure the results are accurate, that way i'm not stressing over a false negative/positive.
but don't think i don't want to test right this second..
i have totally resisted many urges to drive to walgreens for a bundle of hpts!
as per stalking other ivf blogs and comparing my 8dp5dt symptoms to theirs, i don't really have any symptoms.
beside my lack of energy and slight cramping every so often.
nothing like aunt flow type cramping or anything.
i don't feel nauseous, my nips aren't sore (sorry if t.m.i) and i don't have heightened smell powers..
maybe it's still to early.
hopefully it's all a sign that this pregnancy will be easy breezy:)
that's the least i'd expect for going through all this crap!
seriously though.

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