Friday, November 30, 2012

on set..

eeeearly call time.
it says 6am, but that really means 5:30am.

setting up wardrobe.

please excuse my own lack of make up on my face.
i prefer to sleep as long as i can than actually getting ready.

i had to move my makeup station one building over to the barber shop to set up.
leaving more space for wardrobe and room for the 30 extras we had on set.

my set up.
i'd never been in a barber shop, this one was super cute and old school.
perry's had all kind of old time memorabilia including all of his chairs.

working away, flat ironing one of the stars (yolanda's) hair.
she has beautiful skin, i love how chocolaty milky  smooth it is.

camera set up.
they had three red cameras on set.

one of the reds, like i said in one of my previous work posts, this camera is the sh*t! 

bar scene with all the o'douls (non-alchoholic beer) you could ask for!
lol, if you were wondering what the actors really drank on set this is it.

check out that monitor to the left with the neon green lettering.. that's the teleprompter.
it feeds the actors their lines incase they forget them. 

these actors nailed every scene, they were cracking me up.

my spot:)
i like to park myself right behind the monitor so i can watch for any fly-aways or forehead shine.

kraft service and our lunch.

we had craft services and wardrobe set up in uprock, a clothing and breakdancing store, right next to the bar we were shooting at.

and back to where my makeup station was setup.
perry's barber shop.
this barber shop confirmed to me that men really do talk about boobs all day long.

some gents sitting, gossiping, waiting for their cuts and shaves.
i don't know what whitey on the left is doing..looks suspicious.

and back on set.
prepping and powdering the talent.

everything i need in my fancy little bag.
lol, it's not so glamorous but it works for me.

this is the amazing director, platte clark.

making sure everyone is looking pimp.

i love actors who say thank you after i prep and powder them.
this handsome man said thank you every time i powdered and sprayed him, such a gentleman;)

one last powder for the final scene:)

on mahh bodyy:
olive button up blouse: gap, black jeans: j.brand, cowboy boots: thrifted, leopard print belt: target

yesterday i worked a 10hr day on set with 3hrs of sleep.
but there is nothing else i'd rather be doing for a living than this:)
i love what i do and feel blessed to do what i love.

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