Tuesday, November 6, 2012

our civic duty calls out loud and clear today..

today is very personal to me.
as it should be to all americans.
today history will be made.
our voices will be heard.
for me voting today was a must.
it was the first time out of my house since my embryo transfer last friday. it was awesome to get some fresh air and feel the sunshine on my face.
for me voting for my next president was crucial because i live in a state where the majority opposes him.
my next president will not have control over my decisions as a woman or any of my woman parts.
my next president will not support personhood legislation, that could ban forms of birth control and ivf.
no, not my next president.
my embryos and my future babies need to have a voice, a voice to stand up and fight for their lives.
i am that voice.
and that is why i voted.

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