Sunday, November 11, 2012

sweatshirt sunday..

feeling super nappi today!!

fav sweatshirt everrr!!
comfy as all get up.
the inner lining is like a microfiber material so it keeps you extra warm.

i'm gunna need this hoodie in all available colors!
i love it!
i already see myself living in it all winter long;)
well done mr.nappi!!
i love how thick the draw string ties are!

on mahh bodyy:
black sweatshirt zip up hoodie: , aztec print leggings: bp nordstrom,
wedgie sneakers: hot pair, white and gold watch: michele watch jelly style

today was one of those lazy loungy sundays, so i decided to bust out my new fav hoodie. my friend and amazing designer, danny nappi, hooked me up with it for modeling in his fashion show this summer.
see there i am all happy and tan on the right.. ohhh how i miss my tan lol;)

he has awesome designs, a lot of everyday basics made of amazing quality. he is famously known for his jeans! jean shorts, jeans, jean skirts.. all his jeans are just bomb! check out his website!! and if you're a salt lake local go visit his store in sugar house;)
p.s. he's single and ready to mingle!! hehe ;p

today is 9dp5dt
one more sleep and then it's go time.
i still don't have many symptoms besides very mild-mild on and off lower cramping.
still no extra smelling powers or sore boobies.
i do get nauseous, but only when i think about tomorrow.
i'm extremely anxious.
i've tried to keep busy all day, but i can't stop thinking about the results tomorrow.
i've been shaking with nerves all day.
i have hot flashes, then get cold and my hands are like ice.
i get sweaty palms just thinking about it.
this may sound weird, but the closer it gets, the more i don't wanna know..
i'm sooo freaking nervous!!
did i mention that already??
it's just that i've been in this boat before with the last three ivf' of course i'm dreading another negative turnout .
i'm trying so hard not to be a negative nelly, cause that's not me:)
i think i'm just trying to protect myself and set an emotional lading pad incase i fall.
i'm a mess right now.
i don't want to scare you away so thank you for baring with me and my (whore)mons.
i just really-really-reeeeeeally-reeeeeeeally want this to happen for us.
we are ready.
my uterus is ready for a tenant or two!:)
ok, no more ranting (for now)
positive, positive, positive!!
thanks for reading and all your support, love, prayers and magical vibes!!
i love you all.


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed Miss Mary

  2. Regan's packages always come when I am home. I think she probably feels the same way because I definitely give her that same look. ;)

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