Sunday, November 25, 2012

weekend work grind..

behind the scenes.
the making of a music video..

the beautiful&talented, noelle bybee.

this camera is the prada of cameras

noelle getting into character..

mac attack!!
on break, refilling my pallet.

she has such a pretty voice.
and she's an amazing guitar player.

my bathroom set up:)

location change up.

this is what happens when you ask me to step into frame.. hehe
on mahh bodyy:
sweater:f21, h&m jeans and cherry doc martins 

pow pow powderin..
it was so cold i had to keep covering up her pink nose.

then the subi stole the show!

my must have, hair spray, always on hand!

such an actress..
it was neat to see her pull so many different emotions on cue.

noelle with some cute extras.

shooting away into the night...

love this.

while most people were out spending money on all the good sales this weekend, i was busy workin away making money.
i had the pleasure to do hair, makeup and styling for this music video shoot.
i can't say toooo much on it since it hasn't been released, i was limited on picture posts as well.
luckily the cast and crew were all really chill and cool to work with so it made the day fly by.
noelle is such an amazing singer and such a sweet girl, i'm excited to see where her career takes her.
hopefully she becomes a big time singer and hires me to be her makeup artist and stylist:)
i wouldn't mind flying around doing what i loved! hehe..

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