Monday, December 3, 2012

a trail robed in roses...

on mahh bodyy:
kimono/robe: thrifted, grey tee: brandy melville, black leggings: f21, booties:, maroon hat: f21

ugly mag ugly sweater party

pic overload!!
in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.......

poster child for ugly sweaters

everything you need to make an ugly sweater.
thank you dollar tree!

i can hot glue like a champ!

ninja mare, figuring sh*t out:)

ugly faces for ugly sweaters

my beautiful sistahh, natalie, working on her creation.

tinsel town

i made four sweaters, cause i'm that cool!
guess whose is this one?!?

photo cred: ugly mag

photo cred: ugly mag

and our sweaters....tah duhhh!!!
party peeeeople and creapy eyes!!!! 

photo cred: ugly mag

these ugly :) super model babes!

mikal moore, my brothah from anothah mothahhhh!

how sexual do we look though!!?!

we cray.

ashlyn buchi, you have my heart.

red roped...

look how talented i am!
this creepy santa sweater was the ((ugliest)) coolest one at the party!!

people couldn't contain themselves it was so ugly!

bevan i like your boob...errr... strategically placed snowman!!

main dude and friend, michael ori, one of the owners of the studio 11 co-op space.

awesome sauce.

me and the bestie and our twinner sweaters:)

love the evil eyed look!

i'm a perv what can i say?!

photo cred: ugly mag

photo cred: ugly mag

sexiest couple of the evening...

cause we are this fun in real life!!

talented lovahhh faces!!!
ori and keith bryce.
love their faces.

always posing!
guess he can't help it when everyone asked if they can take his pic!!
must be hard being skylar loraquette.

best present ever under this tree!! bahaha ;)
photo cred: ugly mag
the holidays are officially here!!! woot woot!!!
we had a blasty blast this weekend at the ugly magazine ugly sweater party.
so many ugly people it was insane!!! lol