Monday, January 21, 2013

wrapped in the warmth of the saints..

on mahh bodyy:
jacket:allsaints turnlock monument jacket, peace sign tee:f21, cherry docs:ebay, beige marc jacobs bag: nordstrom, round sunnies: jmr

first off, thank you to everyone who took the time to read "the millie movement". many of you commented that i left you in tears, i too was in tears while writing it. i put my heart and soul into that post, it was so important for me to tell the whole story because it was a miracle. a miracle carried out by so many loving hearts. i pray that this story carries on and ends with a remission for millie. please keep her health in your prayers.

today i started my acupuncture sessions back up. i love my acupuncturist, bea hammond, she has amazing energy and calms my nerves like no one else. i am scheduled for my frozen embryo transfer next month around the 6th-8th:)
this will be round 5.
i'm feeling very anxious, nervous, excited, cautious, but most importantly hopeful. i will begin my medications again in a couple days, i'm definitely not looking forward to the evil prednisone eye twitches i get. i just have to keep the faith and stay positive..the good thing is i have a really good feeling about this next go around.
cheers to loving hearts, amazing things and miracles in 2013!!
this is our year:)


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  1. Could you comment on the quality of the jacket? Worth the price? I have been eying it for a year and finally want to go for it. What do you think of it? Still loving it?