Saturday, February 16, 2013

(ivf can kiss my a*$) defeat, round 5

dear uterus...

one of these days mr. pee stick, i'm going to prove you wrong!! 

please and thanks :)

thanks for the reminder utah.

i am grateful for my experience.
it has made both myself and my husband stronger than i ever thought possible.

just be grateful you have kids to get mad at and love.
i don't take this experience for granted, it has made me who i am.

i give my heart and story for all of you..

never a truer statement:)
no one else can make you happy but you..

yes. this. is. true.

f-u infertility beast!

lovenox shots hurt and leave behind nasty bruises and welts..
but it's the physical reminder that gets me, a reminder of another failed ivf cycle.
what doesn't kill you makes you stronger..

i think i'm at letter "v".. i figure if i run out of english letters i will just move on to another language's alphabet :)
keep on keepin on!!

keep aiming, keep pushing forward :)

all my faith is in you..
well my friends, another round has come and gone.

i thought it would be a lot easier this time, considering it was round five for us..
but it wasn't and the disappointment is still as hurtful and hard to absorb as the first time.

but guess what?


tough beans, tough crap and tough break!!

i am alive, i am healthy, i am able, i am not broken, i am hopeful..

i am stronger!!

do you think you can break me, ivf?

hate to break it to you..
but there's no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that's gunna happen.

i wont be dragged down into your darkness, i will carry on and fight you head on, lunging every cell of my body towards the light and towards my baby(ies).

i will overcome you.

i promise you that.

next round, it's on.

you have been warned.

love, mary

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