Wednesday, February 20, 2013

typical muchacha: do werk.

it's that time again!
lights, camera, action!:)
today's focus, the cover of a major national dental magazine.
and then some..

my impromptu wardrobe styling, makeup and hair station for the day :D

our shoot inspiration by the talented mr. ian wambold.
this is the look we were going for, complete with my finger up a nose.

some of my goods to make them look good.

i love putting foundation and concealer on men:)
makes me happy, look how relaxed he was!

being in the business here in salt lake city, you tend to get booked with a lot of the same talent, this is skylar taylor.
i have worked on a bunch of different shoots with him, he has the most perfect skin complexion.
he's become one of my friends, he's ahhsome!

no more shine, baby!
i have over 10 different shades of powder for any skin tone and over 15 foundations..
if i don't have your shade i will blend it to match perfectly, cause i'm artsy like that!

more business attire..
wardrobe'n it up with a lot of basics.

"i said put your arms like this. not like that!
i need you to look gentle and whimsical while being masculine and manly like you're in charge and you make a lot of money drilling teeth for a living, be convincing, but not to uptight that it looks like you have to poo.
got it?" -ian

"like this?"
-yes, perfect!!

time to start on my next model, who could it be??..

ahhh my bestie, shariana!!!
after all these years of being with the same talent agency we finally got booked for the same job!!
because of her beautiful perfect face i have been able to hone my talent as a makeup artist.
i would practice makeup on both her and my sister natalie.

i'm pretty out of this world when it comes to my job!
lol ;)

my biff is the prettiest!!
well thanks to me and my makeup skills cause you should've seen her before the makeup..
can you say toe. up?
lol jk..
natural beauty right here folks.

look at my face!!
 i look like a proud stage mom!

no photoshop needed, cause she's flawless..
must be nice! 

kick'n back, priding myself on such an ahhhsome job and how amazing of a model my bestie is! ha!

not your your typical real life dentists, but your typical
"i play a dentist on t.v." dentist!

and then i turned into pooh...

now that's your good side, hold it!!

smells like pooh. bear.

add your own caption.

cause i'm pooh'ped

can i help you?
oh, this ribbon and string of pearls dangling from my head?
it's nothing really." -ian

oh, hey kermy.. where'd you come from?!

ohhh, you were sitting in the corner and wanted to join in on the fun!!?

i'm the coolest person you know and you want me to be your girlfriend?
awwwwwe, kermy!!
ok!!:) kiss, kiss..

heffahh the head, my alter ego came out..
must mean one thing...
dance video!!!

and then we made this ahhhmazingness!!!
for a good time, watch now ;) lol
hopefully this link works, if not it's on my facebook..

later gator!
on mahh bodyy:
gator face:your mom, quilted black and gold jacket:f21, leopard tank: f21, black skinny jeans: rock star denim old navy, black and gold leopard watch: michele jelly collection, pave diamond rings: custom o.c. tanner, silver and turquoise rings: authentic vintage turquoise and silver, pave ring: david yurman, black belt: thrifted.

yup, just another typical day in the life of muchacha mary.
turning professional magazine cover shoots into a crazy day filled with pooh... literally! lol

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