Tuesday, March 5, 2013

billy, listen to me. white men can't jump.

on mahh bodyy:
cap: where's waldo, urban outfitters, black eyeglasses: mykita, image eyes optical salt lake city, chain: f21, bad tank: f21, tan genie pants: h&m, watch: michele jelly, wedge sneakers: asos, denim jacket: thrifted, bag: gucci, nordstrom

"we goin' sizzler, we goin' sizzler..."

still vibe'n the sporty steez today, got that 90's white men can't jump meets fresh prince of bel-air look goin on..

ball'n out like a boss!!

little fact about me: i played basketball (and volleyball) all through junior high and high school. i pride myself at kicking my husbands butt and his buddies at "horse":)


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