Monday, March 4, 2013

break me off a piece of that.. kit kit bar!

on mahh bodyy:
leopard visor: thrifted, black and gray tee: f21, gold chain necklace: f21, gold skirt: h&m, kicks: adidas sambas, watch: michele jelly, bag: chanel 

today i stopped eating candy (to cut out processed sugars and get my body all healthy for the next ivf cycle, which isn't until the end of april but i figured i would start now) so naturally all i can think about is candy annnnnd chocolate!

omg make it stop!

and another thing..
i realize i have been posting these sambas like everyday but they are my favorite shoe of the moment. they are so comfy and basically go with everything, they are the in my opinion and that's what happens when i love something..
i wear/use/eat/love the hell out of it;)
speaking of, how dope is my leopard visor!? :D


1 comment:

  1. I love this look. Super cute. I saw neon visors at target and thought of you...I sense a shopping escapade in our near future.