Saturday, March 9, 2013

past two days at work: muchacha mary style

incase you're looking for a new bra, has a bunch of new styles in...

stuff like this excites me, get on mahh body!! lol

what really goes on behind the scenes of shooting bras..

yes, i like to wear high heels while shooting bras and yes they are kind'a big for me..
i'm a nerd like that though.

visit my good friend/overstock's main stylist's blog and peep her cute weekly "bump" pics!
soo cute!

annnd go buy some bras!!
they are up on the website now ;)

work day two: makeup/hair and model's portfolio building..

lyman winn setting up his lights just right.. he's so awesome! if you're in utah you should come shoot with us!:)

some of my makeup

the beautiful erika stocks, hair and makeup by me:)

lyman showing her how to strike a pose, he is pro at woman's posing!! haha

love this pic, i should be a photographer!

check out erika's legs! gorg and looong!

reflector holder, i'm a woman of many talents:)

eyeshadows and more eyeshadows!

change up, added some mossy greens to her lids.

sexy hair and smokey green lids:)

the makeup station

model number two keeping it natural, lindsey, it was her first time ever modeling and she rocked it:)

i love her cute smile!
helping other women feel good about themselves is my favorite part of my job doing hair and makeup:)

 no outfit post today, well lot's of bras and if you need a new one order it from :)

just a look into my life and my busy last two days at work..

i love my jobs and i love working with other woman and helping them feel beautiful and confident and feel good about themselves, that to me is everything:)

if you're in the salt lake city, ut area and want to build your modeling portfolio let me know! lyman and i can make it happen;) plus we're super fun!! hehe



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  2. That looks like the funnest job!! Love Lyman, I was also a reflector holder on his last photo shoot haha gotta love helping out! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Love the new bra's too!