Thursday, March 14, 2013

(prada) bag head


on mahh bodyy:
grey and black t-shirt: f21, black jeans: old navy rockstar jeans, kicks: samba addidas, bag: prada vitello daino double-handle tote bag

freaking ahhsome pants of a day today!!

i worked on a kicka$$ photo shoot today with some of my makeup and hair idols from new york and l.a, christian marc and jodie boden.

Our work will be featured on a huge international campaign for the 2014 sochi winter olympics. i also met some incredible athletes who were super sweet(couldn't take pics of them though).. and then came home to a package and inside that package was..

my new prada bag!!

yippee skippee!!

i'm definitely on a black and gold hardware (bag) kick lately and that's ok with me cause i am in love with all of them.

happy face:)


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  1. oh my god this post made my day!! The last picture is the best! You crack me up dude, Love it!!!! hahahah