Wednesday, March 6, 2013

some slc pep for your step

on mahh bodyy:
silver and black spiky necklace: f21, gold spiky necklace: target, cross tee: f21, floral shorts: f21, tights: hue, gladiator heels: f2, chain bracelet: david yurman, pointer ring: david yurman, gold watch: michele, bag: gucci

i'm totally nerding out over this wall!!
how dope is it though!!?:)
i guess it's a collaboration of a bunch of local salt lake artists who just keep adding to it.
the art is awesome! it has so many cool characters, colors and stuff going on, i freaking love it!



  1. you are so adorable, I freakin love your blog and your style! Thanks for all the likes on instagram last night :) Swing by my blog sometime, but don't judge- it's under construction. bleh..