Sunday, March 10, 2013

the haunted old mill

on mahh bodyy:
hat: target, jacket/blazer: jmr, mustard button up: f21,  colored shorts: f21, booties: aldo, bag: gucci, necklaces: target and h&m

this spooky abandoned mill is tucked away in a cute little neighborhood down the street from my house. it used to be a paper mill back in 1883 until a fire broke out and ruined most of the building. the mill was renovated in 1927 and opened as a dancehall until the 1940's. since then it has been a bunch of different businesses that had have opened and failed, it was even a haunted house. the mill was condemned in 2005 and no plans have been set for it since.
it's such a cool building with a creepy feel, too bad they don't renovate it and open something awesome.


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